Friday, 27 September 2013

33DC #crumpetsnailtarts - Tape Mani!

Hey Ladies :)

Okay, so first things first...I HATE TAPE MANICURES! Yes, hate them with all my heart! Why you ask? Well, because I have no patience for the manicure beneath to dry fully and then the polish peels off with the tape. Or when I do wait for the polish to dry and then place the tape down the stupid tape decides to peel and polish seeps underneath! 

I just HATE it! Still managed to do something super easy for today :) I'm no Nailasaurus genius at tape manis! lol!

Here it is!

How do you think it turned out? :) I dont like it much but hey I did it successfully!

Thanks for reading!

Check out the other patient ladies! :D



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