Monday, 30 April 2012

Gonna' Blow You Away (Soon!)

Hey there,

I had an idea to create a nail art challenge, so i decided to tell my fellow nailaholic Aroosa (check her out!) and we decided to meet up and talk it through and gather some ideas!

We decided to re-create the black and white challenge similar to the one Mateja from the Purple Glitters did with her nail addict friends!

The original black and white challenge is as follows:

The thought that has gone into this challenge is amazing and inspiring, which is why me and Aroosa decided to re-create it!

Our challenge so far is as follows:

Every 2- 3 days!
1st day = White base with black – 16.5.12
2nd day = Black base with white – 18.5.12
3rd day = White/black base inspired by a band – 20.5.12
4th day = Black base with glitter – 23.5.12
5th day = Coloured base with white/black - 25.5.12
6th day = Gradient base with black – 27.5.12
7th day = Black & white half moon manicure – 30.5.12
8th day = Fashion inspired black and white manicure – 1.6.12
9th day = White base glitter & colour stripes – 3.6.12
10th day = B&W of own choice! – 6.6.12

 Hopefully we will start on the 16th of May till the 6th of June!

We sent this to a few nail art bloggers and we are awaiting a reply to see what they think and tips they may have!

Moving on....

While we were at starbucks talking this through i brought some of the nail varnishes i own to show Aroosa and I did her nails!

Here are a few pictures:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks or reading and watch out as our challenge is coming very soon!!

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