Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Magnetic Glitter Gradient!


Been on a bit of a nail block lately...feeling a bit on the poopy side of life but I'll survive! 

I would really like to buy a new camera but I had no cash since I don't work, been looking for a lot of jobs lately as well. I've applied to a whole load but none get back to me :( wahhhh! Must be my inexperience...but how am I suppose to gain experience if no where accepts me?? kinda confuzzling really!

Anyways enough ranmbling before I actually loose the plot here!

I don't know where I saw this gradient but I found it so cool that it could be done with magnetic nail polishes by adding top coat and hovering the magnet above the nail!

Here is my attempt :)

I used the four different magnets I have on each nail! I think this is totally cool! 

What do you think??

Bye for now!



  1. This is amazing! I still can't figure out how you did this?

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award <3 You can see it here

    1. thanks! all you have to do is sponge on and add clear top coat and hover the magnet and you get the design!

  2. Wow, love this, Magnetics are my fave, will have to try this gradient out x

  3. I have a couple of magnetic polishes but I don't think mine would do this, they dry too quickly (3 are W7 the other is nails inc)

    1. It doesnt matter if they dry :) just add topcoat (make sure its wet) then hover the magnet and you will get the design :)


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