Thursday, 17 January 2013

Furry Blue Nails!


Today I have a really cool effect I've seen around, many of you know it as the velvet manicure and it uses flocking powder. Make Up Academy recently released their version of it and I bought the blue one! It's an awesome effect and it really is furry! 

I cant stop feeling my nails lolzzz really feels good to rub it on my lip :P haha freaky but seriously good

Here is what it looks like :)

Boo Boo Fluff is the name of the colour!
Its a really fine powder :)

and here it is on my nails!

Find swatch of the blue HERE!

Although it doesnt show up clearly in the pictures, my nails are actually really furry! and I can feel the small bits move when I touch it!

All in all I think this is a good product and great effect for a good price. However their could have been more in the container :)

What do you think?

Oh! before I go let me leave you with a chemistry joke :D

Bye for now ;)



  1. I bought this and the bright pink one last week... can't wait to try them in my texture challenge mani! Great swatches :)

    1. Nice! I bought the light pink one! will post soon! ooOOoo cant wait to see it! thanks!

  2. They look amazing - can I ask, what happens if they get wet, like when you wash your hands? I want to get some, but not sure if I could cope with soggy nails all day:)

    1. They dry instantly after I dry my hands! The furry effect doesn't die out! It's actually great if I'm honest! Thanks :)

    2. Brill, off to find me fur:) Thanks

  3. Love them....and the color <3

  4. Awesome, will have to have a scout about for those :)


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