Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maybelline Color Show - In Your Flesh!

Hey all,

It has been a while since I posted, im just enjoying my life to the fullest. My blogging mojo has gone, I know this since im not getting excited over polish anymore...must just be stress and such stuff getting to me.

A couple weeks ago I bought a nude polish by Maybelline - In your flesh.

It's a very lovely colour, barely shows up on your nails and really matches my skin tone I think. The formula of the polish is great as I was able to get full coverage in two coats and it was really shiny and I had no need for topcoat. It also dried pretty fast which is always a plus!

Here are my swatches:

Overall, I am really impressed and I would definitely recommend this polish to any one that is looking for a nude :)

Thanks for reading

Bye for now

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Studsies - Born Pretty Store Silver & Gold Studs!

Hey all.

Having a good weekend? :)

Today I have my second review for the studs* I got from the Born Pretty Store! They are gold and silver in colour and vary in sizes, from 1.2mm, 2mm and 3mm :) 

I really like having that variation in size, it means I can place more than one stud on my nails :)

I did a really simple design using these and inspiration from bloggers here and there :)

Here it is:

There is one annoying thing about the larger studs, they are too concave. Which means when I wanted to place them on my nails they didn't stick that well. Other than that I am happy with these studs and will defo be using them more in the future!

These cost $3.95 from Born Pretty Store and the link is HERE

You can use my discount code:

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!


*product sent for my honest opinion

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Errmagerd I Got Me Studs!

Hey Ladies,

How is it all going!?

I have a review today for you all of Born Pretty Store 400pcs 2mm Neon Studs*...I am so EXCITEEEEED :D!! I love studs, I have seen so many bloggers use them and create wonderful manicures! I just really wanted some and I am so glad that I got sent some to review! Whooop! :D

Here are the Studs - A bunch of wonderful colours, some are neon and a few are pastel :) I do love that there is such a variety of colours and has some pastel colours too! The size is great, you can definitely fit more that one stud on you nail nicely.

I created two manicures with these studs, first one is pastel zig zags and I used the purple and coral pink studs! 

I love how the studs stick so firmly, it was hard tryna get em off. I think this is because the studs are concave so when the clear top coat sets in, it really sticks hard! 

Next up is a simple triangle tape mani in blue and green and I used neon blue and green studs!

Again, the studs really add that much needed touch :) I love it!

Overall, I am pretty pleased with these studs. They are shiny and have really good colours and I actually reuse them :)

You can buy them HERE for $7.59 and use my 10% voucher code! wooooop! 
Code: NDX31 

Next time ill be back with a review of the silver and gold studs :) stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading :)

Bye for now!


*Products sent for my honest opinion
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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Swatch Saturday - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat!

Hey Ladies :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!! 
Recently, I've popped into Poundland and....I was blow away! There was a bunch of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes that had only come out like a year ago. I was quite confused as to why these polishes were in Poundland but nonetheless I took the ooportunity to purchase a few :) 
Sadly, there was only black, white and yellow available NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I need the full collection :( That's when the hunting started...I went to all the Poundlands I knew! then I found the green and the blue and then the purple....but No Bueno :( I still can't find the Pink one (Cotton Candies, if anyone wants to send it to me for free! LOL)

I've swatched what I have so far and I am loving them, I would have never bought the polishes for full price so buying them for £1 really felt great :D can you believe I paid £7 for 7 and not the original price of £48.93
I mean ladies....can you justify paying that much!? I most certainly couldn't!!

Here are the swatches :)

1. Bubble Plum - A lovely light purple a little darker than lilac. One thickish coat since it's so damn pigmented! 

2. Cherry Drop - A bright red. One coat, again super pigmented!

3. Lick-O-Rich - Black of course! I have two thin coats on since it was a bit patchy.

4. Razzleberry - A nice deep blue! I have one coat on as this was so pigmented and really was a stainer!

5. Sour Apple - Lovely mint green :D two coats and lovely coverage!

6. Sugar Fix - White! Duhhh! I have two coats on just to give full coverage! 

7. Sweetie - A lightish yellow. Two coats :)

Really sad that I don't have cotton candies - I feel like the collection is uncomplete and all crying for their friend :P lolz 
Still love the sugary textures as this is one of my favourite finishes, totally worth £1 haha!

What do you guys think!?

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

KBShimer - Radioactive!

Hey ladies,

I hope you've all had a good week, I am looking forward to the weekend and relaxing. Been a stressful week for me in all aspects! It's tough being a student...hard to stay sane lol 

Bleh...I'm so sad that I don't enjoy blogging as often as I want to. I do my nails and have a tonne saved up to post but just don't have the motivation to do it. 

On my little break right now (doing a long ass essay on Telomeres) I wanted to share with you my second indie polish ever! :) lol 

It's KBShimmer - Radioactive, its a bright green that glows in the dark :) has a bunch of random glitters in it which I think are a night mare to fish out lol

Nonetheless, I liked it as it was an amazing present from someone close to me.

Here it is :)

I managed to get good coverage and I am pleased, I dont have a fancy shmancy camera to take a picture in the dark so if you're interested in the glow effect check out Chalkboard Nails swatch HERE

Thanks for reading ladies :)

Bye for now!

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Friday, 7 February 2014

SpaRitual Explore Spring Collection - Firefly!

Hey Ladies, How are you all doing?!

Today I have a very special polish! I have been sent* one of the new polishes as part of the SpaRitual Explore Spring Collection 2014

I was sent the lovely Firefly, it is a bright yellow crème polish....and boy is it BRIGHT! I actually got seriously dazed! 

The polish itself is sheer and does take many layers to achieve a decent coverage HOWEVER the plus side is that each layer dries pretty fast making it easier to built up layers. I have 4 layers on my index and middle finger and within 10 minutes its rock hard. On my ring and pink finger I have two coats layered over white which makes the colour 'POP' a bit more. I don't have any topcoat on since I don't mind the slight matte finish but you could always put it on!

As with all SpaRitual nail lacquers, these new shades are vegan and free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin. With an easy grip bottle brush maboby thing, which honestly makes application so much easier!

Here are le swatches!

SO BRIGHT!! AHHHH!! I love it :D

You can purchase the collection when it is released next week :) 

SpaRitual Explore collection is available at Sparitual (UK) and SpaRitual (US) at £9.97 a bottle!

Thanks for reading :)

Bye for now!


*product sent for my honest review!
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dance Legend - Thermal Glitter!

Hey Ladies,

Missing me!? I'm posting whenever I feel like it...uni and just travelling has me feeling really unmotivated and tired that I barely open the laptop. Yesterday was such a long day for me, left the house at 7:30 and got back by 9pm and had only slept 4 hours that day. My giveaway had ended earlier that morning and I didn't even get to draw the winners until this morning!

Congratulations to the ladies that won :)!

About a week ago in the UK polish and beauty swap on Facebook Sam was selling so many beauties! And I saw she had one of the Dance Legend thermal beauties and I had to snap it up instantly! And I have to say NO REGRETS! I utterly LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it :D and heck I kept on playing with it! Making my hands warm and then cold! Everyone I knew had to see the effect! I drove my mother MENTAL showing her! LOL

Its a wonderful one coater of a polish and dries average. I did notice that after 2 days there was some tip wear but who bloody cares!? I just love the effect more to care!

Here are my swatches :) And I was super sad to wipe it off! Dance Legend Thermo Shine 181 - It's a lovely dark red almost black on cold nails then it turns super bright red when warm! TOOOO COOOL :D

So many pretty glitters :D !!!

I absolutely love how it transitions! And this is my favourite polish so far up to date and will be my favourite for a real long time now! :D 

If any one wants to send me thermal polish I will be more than happy to receive it! lol :D 

What are your thoughts?! Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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