Saturday, 15 February 2014

Swatch Saturday - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat!

Hey Ladies :)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!! 
Recently, I've popped into Poundland and....I was blow away! There was a bunch of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes that had only come out like a year ago. I was quite confused as to why these polishes were in Poundland but nonetheless I took the ooportunity to purchase a few :) 
Sadly, there was only black, white and yellow available NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I need the full collection :( That's when the hunting started...I went to all the Poundlands I knew! then I found the green and the blue and then the purple....but No Bueno :( I still can't find the Pink one (Cotton Candies, if anyone wants to send it to me for free! LOL)

I've swatched what I have so far and I am loving them, I would have never bought the polishes for full price so buying them for £1 really felt great :D can you believe I paid £7 for 7 and not the original price of £48.93
I mean ladies....can you justify paying that much!? I most certainly couldn't!!

Here are the swatches :)

1. Bubble Plum - A lovely light purple a little darker than lilac. One thickish coat since it's so damn pigmented! 

2. Cherry Drop - A bright red. One coat, again super pigmented!

3. Lick-O-Rich - Black of course! I have two thin coats on since it was a bit patchy.

4. Razzleberry - A nice deep blue! I have one coat on as this was so pigmented and really was a stainer!

5. Sour Apple - Lovely mint green :D two coats and lovely coverage!

6. Sugar Fix - White! Duhhh! I have two coats on just to give full coverage! 

7. Sweetie - A lightish yellow. Two coats :)

Really sad that I don't have cotton candies - I feel like the collection is uncomplete and all crying for their friend :P lolz 
Still love the sugary textures as this is one of my favourite finishes, totally worth £1 haha!

What do you guys think!?

Thanks for reading!



  1. It's such a bargain compared to the original price of them! I've had the same problem - cannot find the purple or pink! :(

  2. Wow - what a find, Nada! I see a trip to Poundland in my near future, lol!

    1. If you manage to find them I wanna see your amazing swatches! :D

  3. Beautiful swatches, hope you'll find the pink one too. I wish I had the white one during winter- would of been a great base for some Christmas nail art!!

    1. Still haven't found it! wahhhhh! lol
      The white is definitely a nice one :)

  4. Beautiful! what a bargain xx


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