Saturday, 30 November 2013

British Nail Blogger Get Rubbed!

Hey all :)

Just a really sexual post for you all :P Name courtesy from Emma over at Em's Little Corner
This is gonna be the weirdest post you may have possibly ever read...but I am not the only one that does it! I'm talking about that lip rubbing thing most of us do absentmindedly! rubbing your painted nails on your upper lip just to get a feel of the polish you're wearing!
Ever do that? I do it with all types of nail polish I have, must be something I do when I am stressed or nervous because it really makes me calm LOL

Textures, dotty nails, glitter, satin/metallic and matte nails! Those are my 5 favorite polish and nail art finishes! 

1. Texture - feels amazing to feel the grittiness on my lip! its actually so soothing :) my favorite has to be O.P.I - Pussy Galore (very fitting name for this post!) Sometimes I even lick it so I can feel the grittiness on my tongue!

2. Dotty - When I have a spotty design on my nails it creates a really awesome 3D texture on my and when I rub it on my upper lip I can feel the bumps!
Here is an awful example with a lopsided bow! 

3. Satin/metallic polishes - They are so smooth and fell really good! Really glides along my top lip! Sometimes I press my tongue on my nail because it just slides off!

4. Glitter! - OMG! The best feeling texture on my lips! The bumps caused by glitter really fills any needs on rubbing! LOL

5. Matte! - Soooooooooo smooooth!!! Really feels smooth and just awesome! Has to be my favorite type of finish to rub along my lip! Especially the new Barry M ones! I want them all :D 

So here you go! These are all of my favorite finishes that I like to rub on my upper lip! Do you guys do this too!? What are your favorite polishes?!

Thanks for reading!

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Bye for now!



  1. this post is amzing and so funny :D I'm also a fan of unusual finishes!

  2. Love it! I bet the liquid sand is going to feature in quite a few of today's posts.

  3. I definitely like messing with the texture polishes when I am wearing them, while I know others can't take it and want that smooth glossy glassy finish, not even glitter....great swatches and pix!

    1. Thank you! I mess with all kinds of finishes :D lol

  4. Haha where's the blue fuzzy? I loved that one, it was my favourite! <3 Lol
    Although that Barry M espresso one is probably my recent fav... It just looks so nice!

    1. oh man I forgot :P you know me! its my fav too :)

  5. LOL love this post! I only tend to do it with nice glossy, smooth finishes! I never lick though haha xx


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