Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Guest Post from Nailmattic!

Hey Ladies :)

Today I have a guest post for you all, just until I am back into the groove of things and so that my blog is active!

Thank you to Andra from Nailmattic :) here it is!

Well hello you all.. Could someone win my heart by asking me to do a guest post or what (mind you chocolate wasn't even involved)!! Well I am here, over at Nada's house making a cameo with my talons.

For this post I decided to take my talents to water marble, if you've seen my posts featuring wm design, you should know it's my baby. I am using a new polish to my knowledge and collection by the name of Q & A Nail Lacquer, which is based in Manhattan, New York. This polish is in the blue family, model named Knickerbocker; it does remind of the NY Knicks uniform color. You can purchase more colors from their site

I've fallen in love with matte again, hence in this post I'll show you the gloss & matte look. For the white polish in this mani, I used Bettina's "Marshallow".

Well lacquer lovelies, I have enjoyed my time here; I suggest you all stick around for more guests.... Nada's house seems like the place to be!!


You can follow her on all the links below! And thank you Andra!



  1. Wow you're a pro at water marbling! makes me want to try it! this is great x


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