Friday, 31 August 2012

Liebster Award!

Both Claire and Lyndsay have nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thanks to both of you! :D Go check out their blogs people!!

Since Claire nominated me first ill be answering all her questions!

The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers

Here are the rules! (dont break them!)

1) The recipient must post 11 fun facts about themselves
2) The recipient must also answer 11 questions created by the award giver
3) The recipient must give the award to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and post 11 questions for them to answer
4) These 11 bloggers must be told they have been given the award
5) They will in turn pass the award on to 11 new bloggers of their choice (no tagging back the award giver) 

Okay here I go!

11 (not so fun) facts about me!

1) I used to be a crazy nail biter! bit my nails down to the raw, and now looking back...totally gross and look at what I was missing out on!

2) I am from Iran, lived in the UK all my life!

3) Favourite colour is green and I love penguins, Im also a left hand! (hence my blog name!)

4) I have such a weakness for herbal tea, I can drink it forever (Dont bathe in it though!)

5) I LOVEEEEEEE listening to rock, screamo and heavy metal, gets everything pumping!

6) I love walking, so I walk everywhere when I can! I walk to college (its farrrrrrr!) I literally walk to everywhere...Ive even tried walking to the moon :P

7) I am crafty, I make my own note books and origami animals and I even cross stich, knit and crochet!

8) I doodle and draw loads!

9) I study a BTEC in applied science and want to go to university and study biomedicine! Science is a big passion of mine and I love it all!

10) I have two canaries and 5 goldfish, used to have two chickens too until foxes appeared!

11) I also have a twisted sense of humour, to those who know me thanks for living with it!

Now onto the 11 questionsssss..

1)  What made you start a blog?

ive been into nail art for a while and have been admiring blogs for ages! My friend Aroosa is also into nail art and she decided to make a blog and that inspired me in a way to make one aswell and i gotta say its brought us closer and thanks to her i have a new hobby!

2)  What is your favourite brand of nail polish?

My favourite brand of nail polish has to be Orly! I won a couple back in march and have fallen in love with how great they are!

3)  What is your favourite polish colour?
Thats totally easy! Its GREEEEEEEN!! I own soooo much green nail polish and i cant get enough

4)  How many polishes do you have in your collection?
Counting the 9 I bought today I officially have 204 nail polishesssss!

5)  How do you store your polishes?

I store my polishes in a little tray and then stack them up! Ill do a post on it soon!

6)  When/where do you mostly do your manis?

I do them sat on my bed with the polish on my knee (very highly technical!)

7)  What is your favourite type of nail art?
Fav has to be the awesome stamping plates! So simple and easy for crap drawers like me!

8)  What polish is on your wish list?
O.P.I I only own 1 and I want moreeeeee but its soooo expensive!

9)  What is the next manicure on your "to do" list?
HAHAH I have sooo many I want to try out but my top has to be the handed zebra manicure (no stamping plates!)

10)  What is your nail care "must have"?

Cuticle cream and oil, I always whip it out when im walking outside and cream my hands!

11)  What nail trend do you wish you could master?

I am passing this award to (sorry if you have been chooooosen! Whoooops!)

And here are my questions to you!!

1) How often do you blog?
2) What is the brand of nail polish that you hate?
3) Is there any nail art you cant do?
4) What polish is on your wish list?
5) What nail trend do you wish you could master?
6) How often do you manicure and fix your nails up?
7) Where do you store your nail polish?
8) Would you ever take a course in nail art?
9) How often do you paint your nails?
10) What is your most hated nail invention?
11) When you have a nail 'block' how do you inspire yourself?

Okay im so bad at making up questions so forgive me ladies! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading

bye for now 

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Orly Mineral FX Collection Fall 2011 Swatch!!

Hey there, 

Wayyyyyyyyyy back in march I entered a giveaway by and I won second prize, however she sent me first prize since the winner of the first prize wanted second prize! I didn't complain since I wanted first prize the most!

Lisa is a lovely lady as she sent me 4 extra Orly polishes along with the ones part of the prize and I thank her loads, generosity is a wonderful thing!

Today I have a swatch of 5 of the colors from the "Mineral FX Collection Fall 2011" 

All swatches are two coats!

First up is...


This is a lovely coral shimmery reddy pinky (I'm so bad at describing colors!)
 I love how the little shimmery bits in the polish came out evenly on my nail and two coats did it justice!

Next up is...

Rock it!

A lovely purple red colour with gold orangy shimmer!!
I love the colour combination of this polish, really warm and personally I think it suits the autumn season!

Time for...

Rock The World

This is a more clear purple color with gold shimmery bits!
I got away with two coats but to be on the safe side and maximum coverage 3 coats would be best!

Whos next...?

Stone Cold!

Love this!!! A great cold blue color with silver shimmery bits inside!
I absolutely love this blue and the shimmer adds lovely dimension to the colour! Personally think its a perfect blue for the autumn season aswell!


Rock Solid!

I might as well write down love everywhere in this post because seriously I LOVE this color! I did a swatch of it back HERE because it totally deserved its own post! Again I think its a lovely black glitter and definitely perfect for "Rocking out!"

Overall I love (again!) the colors from this collection, even thought I'm missing one (Rococo A-go-go) if anyone wants to send it to me ill thank you a bunch!

Bye for now!


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Monday, 27 August 2012

Blue - Green - Glitter - Thing!

Hey there,

I have a quick little...don't even know what to call it! Its not a swatch and its not nail art...soooo?

I was looking through my nail varnish and thought "oh I haven't used blue and green in quite sometime!"

and here I bless you with something totally random (and glittery!)

Love the subtle shimmer in both colours!

And to glam it up the only way by adding glitter!!

Do you like to glam up your plain polish by glitterfying it? I DO!

Bye for now!

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Spotty Dotty!

Hey there

I have a fun manicure today!! Its all spotty and dotty!!

Here it is!

These are what I used!!

What do you think!?! I totally love the dots!!

Bye for now!

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Monday, 20 August 2012

An Apple A Day...

...Keeps The Doctor Away...But If The Doctors Cute, Forget The Fruit!

Hey there!

Today I have a simple and cute manicure to share with you guys!

Its cute little apples on my nails! I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube by Cutepolish and I just totally had to try it out! 

Here is what I did!

So Damn Cute!?!?!?!?

How do you like it!?

Very cute manicure for back to school! Show off your super cute nails!!

Bye for now!


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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Barry M Magnetic Swatches & Review!

Hey there,

So I finally gave in and decided to buy some Barry M magnetic nail polishes! I personally think they are totally worth the money because they include a great magnet and the polish quality is good!

I bought four colours! Two for £8 (Totally worth it!)

The instructions on the bottle are as follows!

1. Before you start SHAKE WELL
2. Apply one coat and let it dry.
3. Apply second coat and IMMEDIATELY hover the magnet over the nail for 5 seconds so effect appears.
4. When dry add topcoat.

Soo it's pretty straight forward!

First one is Magnetic Burgundy!

I totally love the colour and as you can see I had no trouble with application and the magnet worked perfectly giving me the desired design!!

Next is Magnetic Dark Silver

The same goes for this colour too application was easy! however the magnetic design was really hard to get this may have been because my nails are curved so the magnet didn't catch the sides properly!

Next is Magnetic Sparkle Blue (I LOVE THIS ONE!)

This is such a lovely colour! It has blue and purple undertones and its just absolutely wonderful to look at! Definitely my favourite out of the four!

Lastly, is Magnetic Green Sparkle

This has got to be my most wanted polish ever! The whole reason I wanted magnetic polish was because of the green! Look at how shiny it is! Although I think the design could have come out more like it shows on the magnet!

Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and the quality of the polish and magnet and I've got to say its better than other magnetic polishes I have tried!

Bye for now


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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Leopard Print Neon Madness!

Hey there,

Today's manicure is a fun, bright and cooooooool manicure! I enjoyed pulling it off and couldnt stop staring at it!

I started with a bright base colour and what better than a hot pink?? I used Color Club (dont know the name :(!)

Hurts my eyes just looking at it!
 And then after that dried I sponged on a neon green! Love this green so so so so so much!

 This doesnt have to be perfect! as you can see mine is a bit messy! I then stamped on the design I wanted using my Cheeky Nail plates!

I then filled in some of the spots with neon purple and yellow!

And there you go my final design! Me being me I had to go the extra mile and mattify the design!

  Very satisfying feeling seeing it all mattified and cooooool!!

Heres everything I used!

Hope you all enjoyed todays design!

Bye for now!


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Friday, 10 August 2012

Green Gradient Thingy Maze Thing!


So yeah the title of this post is a bit bleh, gotta be honest I haven't been in the mood to blog for a while don't know what it is but I have soooooo many edited pictures ready to be blogged about but just cannot be actually bothered to put them up!

Today's design is random and I did it a few hours ago since I was bored! 

I've been looking at gradient manicures for a while now and I've seen many tutorials and finally decided to give it a go...since I love green I of course had to do the gradient using two different greens and then I decided to stamp on top of it to give it a little bit of dimension! I also mattified it!

here it is :)

I gotta say the most annoying thing after doing this manicure is the clean up after I had to use a brush dipped in acetone and clean up! I think I spent 30 minutes cleaning up so that my fingers don't show green and shimmery...didn't work since there is still some shimmer present!
I forgot to watermark this picture...that's how much I'm out of it!

 These are the equipment and polishes I used!

Hope you enjoyed this quick manicure!

bye for now!

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bringing Crackle Back!

Hey there,

Just a quick post to show you all a bargain buy! I went into Poundland this week and I spotted some W7 nail polish! They had loads of different crackles for sale but I only decided to buy this gold one since its such a lovely colour to layer on top of loads of bright colours and dark too!

Here's what I did with it!

The consistency is lovely and the brush is just perfect as I can cover my entire nail in two strokes without going over it!

In other news my friend Seray decided to take nail varnish to a whole new level by creating a wonderful GB Olympic inspired design on paper!

How awesome is this???

And you see those little pieces of the Union Jack scattered around? Well Seray painted Union Jacks on her nails too and when they started peeling she stuck it on the paper! How damn creative is that??? Wow! Love it!

How awesome does that look??!! I totally LOVE it!! 

This girl has some real talent you should all see her drawings and amazing artwork she does!

Bye for now


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