Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year! :)

Hey Ladies,

Yup, it's the new year...another year for us all to promise to go to the gym and never go! It's the thought that counts right?

For the new year I've gotton myself a new watermark thanks to a friend of mine, I can't thank her enough! I love how it turned out and its really me :D She got the watermark just perfect! hehe! It's in my new banner too :D

I'm doing a round up of all my favorite manicures of the year and bloody hell it was hard to choose...I'm still wanting to add more pictures to the collages! But managed to stop myself from going insane doing that.

I just love most of the nail stuff I've done!

Lets start off with my favorite glitters :) I love the lot and I will use em all forever!

Second up is my favorite nail art i've done. Both inspired by bloggers and my own!

Now time for some gradients! This year has been full of the stuff :D 

Lastly its my favorite stamping manicures i've done!

There is definitely more manicures that i've done but I couldn't fit them all in, which is such a shame because I love everything i've done :D 

What do you ladies think? :)

I wish you all a great new year and I hope you can all achieve your resolutions :D 

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

MissJenFabulous....NOT COOL!

Hey ladies,

I really don't like writing negative posts, but this is an issue that has me very appalled and angry.

I am sure many of you have heard of MissJenFabulous...I for one WAS a fan till I heard how she steals other hard working nail blogger designs and passes them off as her own....WHAT?!?

I mean okay...paint your nails however way you want and copy whoever you want and be inspired as much as you like but damn...girl...at least credit them! It's really not a hard thing to do! 

I watched a video by Zenorah which you can watch HERE and I mean really...not cool at all.

I had to go and ask the lady myself, I was extremely polite and said nothing rude but instead asked her nicely to just credit other people! What did I get? a reply and BLOCK...she blocked me from her instagram...how old is she? 10? 

I mean....I was just being nice...is she just that narcissistic, deleting bad comments and only showing the good ones to make herself seem "great"

I'm really unimpressed. Making money off other people's hard work.

Oh and...
Credit to Mark N Dani Canoles on Facebook :)
Well that's all out now, had to vent and I am not sorry.

Let me know what y'all think!

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

SparRitual - Determination!

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all having a very merry Christmas. I don't celebrate Christmas but it is such a lovely day of the year, I love all the Christmas lights and all the effort every one goes to, to make their family and friends have a good day :)

Today I have a swatch of SpaRitual's - Determination from the Odyssey collection *Press Sample*. It is a range of lovely matte polishes! I do love me a good matte polish, just love the texture and rubbing it on my upper lip :D lol

Determination is a matte black colour, it does exactly as it's suppose to. I have two easy coats on and there was a bit of streaking...thankfully it evened out after the second coat! Drying time with mattes are pretty damn fast and it was completely dry to the touch in 2 minutes or so! 

Here it is :)

I do love the matte touch on this polish :) There are cheaper alternatives like Barry M - Espresso which is also matte. In my opinion this polish is more matte :)

I added a bit of a goldy touch to the polish using NYC - Gold topcoat!

Really brings out the black! Gold and Black are just so darn elegant together!

SpaRitual polishes are available at Sparitual (UK)Feelunique.com and SpaRitual (US), retailing for £9.75! 

Thank you for reading :)

Bye for now!!


*Polishes provided for my honest opinion
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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Match Your Nails To Your Cocktail!

Hey all :)

Today I have a press sample* from Models Own! 

Models own teamed up with Midori, which I believe is a melon flavored liqueur (I don't drink! lol). They created three wonderful limited edition polishes :D I absolutely love them! 
The collection includes a duochrome, a sheer jelly and an amazing glitter...and you know best of all? All three are scented of melon which means I couldn't stop sniffing my nails!
To top it off, they are all green and I am obsessed with the colour green! all in all i'm a fan :D 

First up I have Golden Green - A wonderful duochrome shimmery gren, the colours shift from a deep green to a gold and I can see hints of a dark purple in there! Trust me, I was at the bus stop just watching my nail's shift from the colours. Pretty impressed! Also, the picture was taken after a day. During the day, I had washed plenty of dishes and even had a shower, as you can see I had no tip wear and the melony smell was still there! This was two easy thick coats which dried pretty fast!

Next up is My Midori - A sheer jelly almost more like a acid neon green (haha!) I gotta say this polish is pretty sheer, I have about 5 coats on and you can still see my nail line! ( :O OH MY!) but don't run away yet, there is a good side, each layer dried very quickly. You can definitely build it up safely with out worrying it'll get ruined. I applied this in the evening and woke up in the morning with no bed sheet marks on my nails...that's a win people. Can obviously be layered over white if you wish to make it "pop" with out adding tonnes of layers! 

Lastly, I have Dancing Queen - A glitter that not only smells yummy but has so many yummy glitters in it! From baby blue shards to green, blue, gold hexes which are small and big! Placement is needed with this glitter but thats just like most glitter toppers anyway. I didn't mind that about it. Although you may need a thick coat of top coat to smooth things out :) I have one coat over My Midori

All in all im pretty impressed, all three polishes smell lovely and the smell lasts longer than I had thought. The polishes dry quickly and the application is easy :)

This set is limited edition so hurry! The limited edition My Midori Models Own set will retail at £15 from www.modelsownit.com :)

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think :D 

Bye for now!


*Polishes provided for my honest opinion
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Friday, 13 December 2013

Santa Baby!

Hey Ladies!
Its like almost Christmas people, you must be all waiting for your prezzies! Sorry but I am keeping Mr Santa captive :D Muahaha 

Ladies, I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to crochet a cute little Santa :) And I love how cute the little guy turned out! 

I had to do some nail art to go along with it :) I used an awesome tutorial by Alice over at OneNailToRuleThemAll :D It was so darn easy to follow! And the results were just CAYOOOOOOT!!


Here it is :)

What do you think of Santa? :)

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Barry M - Papaya and Limited Ed. E!

Hey all :)

Miss me?! I will be posting whenever I can, just to juggle out all my work and this. I do miss being free!

Afew days ago I made use of the offer in Superdrug and bought 2 Barry M polishes and got 1 free! Wooo hoooo FREEEEEEEEE

I bought a gelly and matte polish because I totally love those finishes! I got Papaya here for you today with the glitter topper by the name of E :)

I have to say Papaya is a really awesome colour! Its a corally pink and I absolutely love it! I have two coats of it on my nails and it's just soooooooo shiny! You can still see my nail line, but thats only cause my nails are so white! 
The glitter topper is amazing too, really densely packed with glitter, I only have one coat of it on and amazing coverage!

Here it is :)

Overall, I do really like these polishes. I can't believe how fast Barry M is becoming my favourite all time polishes!

Thanks for reading :)

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Running Around The Christmas Tree!

Hey all,

It's December! Well that went bloody quick didn't it!? First term of university is almost over and I am stressing with an exam I have in January! Will this ever end?!?!

I had some time on my hands a few days ago and I decided to crochet a Christmas tree and It came out super duper cute :D I love how it looks! Really brightened my day that I made it :)

I decided to do some nails inspired by it, I went with a simple dotted tree. Got the idea from Kayla over at http://www.kaylashevonne.com/ 

Really easy and cool looking :)

Here it is!

OH DEAR! Ignore my unpainted thumb! I broke the nail on it!

What do you think? :) Nicey? 

Thanks for reading all! 

Bye for now!

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

British Nail Blogger Get Rubbed!

Hey all :)

Just a really sexual post for you all :P Name courtesy from Emma over at Em's Little Corner
This is gonna be the weirdest post you may have possibly ever read...but I am not the only one that does it! I'm talking about that lip rubbing thing most of us do absentmindedly! rubbing your painted nails on your upper lip just to get a feel of the polish you're wearing!
Ever do that? I do it with all types of nail polish I have, must be something I do when I am stressed or nervous because it really makes me calm LOL

Textures, dotty nails, glitter, satin/metallic and matte nails! Those are my 5 favorite polish and nail art finishes! 

1. Texture - feels amazing to feel the grittiness on my lip! its actually so soothing :) my favorite has to be O.P.I - Pussy Galore (very fitting name for this post!) Sometimes I even lick it so I can feel the grittiness on my tongue!

2. Dotty - When I have a spotty design on my nails it creates a really awesome 3D texture on my and when I rub it on my upper lip I can feel the bumps!
Here is an awful example with a lopsided bow! 

3. Satin/metallic polishes - They are so smooth and fell really good! Really glides along my top lip! Sometimes I press my tongue on my nail because it just slides off!

4. Glitter! - OMG! The best feeling texture on my lips! The bumps caused by glitter really fills any needs on rubbing! LOL

5. Matte! - Soooooooooo smooooth!!! Really feels smooth and just awesome! Has to be my favorite type of finish to rub along my lip! Especially the new Barry M ones! I want them all :D 

So here you go! These are all of my favorite finishes that I like to rub on my upper lip! Do you guys do this too!? What are your favorite polishes?!

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to check out the other rubbers! 

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bumble Bee Buzz!

Hey ladies,
I hope you are doing well today :) 

I was so bored of having nothing on my nails for a while that I decided to paint something on them. I was looking around for inspiration and then I realised that I had crocheted a bumble bee brooch and I could paint my nails to match them!

I looked around online for some inspiration and found Alice's (onenailtorulethemall) bee nails that she had done and I used it :)

I used a stamping plate for the perfect lines because for the life of me I cannot draw straight lines on my nails free handedly! 

I added some glitter to mix! Here it is :)

I really like how my nails turned out :) What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Top 10 Favorite Polish!

Hey All!

I have a post today telling you all about my top 10 favorite polish! This is a real toughie! I have so many nail polishes and to choose from the bunch I had to narrow it down, It's like narrowing down your favorite family member! ARGHHHH!!!!

Here are the top 10 :)

10. I'd have to put NYC - Aqua Mystic. It's such a lovely metallic blue and perfect for stamping! It's one of my favorite blues!

9. Number 9 is NYC- Smokey Topcoat - Greenday. I do LOVE this polish due to the green bits of glitter and black gelly! 

8. Barry m -Special Edition pink (A). Is such a lovely pink and its a jelly polish, due to it having to be layered up I put it at number 8!

7. Amazing orange by Barry M - Mango. It's once of the best and only oranges I own!

6. I love green, It's absolutely my favorite colour ever! and I choose Essence - L.O.L

5. Now this is another green but by Barry M - Keylime. its absolutely an awesome shiny green!! Smooth application and just a great colour! 

4. Another Barry M - Favorite :) Pink silver glitter, it has a gritty finish and I just love how it looks on my nails!

3. oOooOoo toughie....Has to be O.P.I - Pussy Galore! Love the gritty finish again and how lovely the texture is! It's my best opi polish I have!

2. Without a doubt my second favorite polish is Barry M - Caramel. why? because it matches my skin tone perfectly and it really looks like im not wearing any nail polish! It has such a lovely satin matte finish I love rubbing my nails on my upper lip (do you guys do that too?! lol) Just perfect :D

1. Number one is.......BARRY M - GREENBERRY! I chose this one because I used it as my base colour for my cute little penguin nails! Absolutely love the colour and how it matched perfectly with the penguins I decided to do! :D

So theres my top 10 nail polish and I did have a lot of Barry M favorites :) And still have more! 

Hope you all liked my choices :)  

Dont forget to check out the other British bloggers and their favorite 10!!

Bye for now!

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