Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Texture Dots And Diamonds!

Hey All :)

Hope you've all had an amazing week, I myself have been pretty busy and I can barely get in time to crochet and do my nails. I do have a degree to work for so im putting more focus into that, hopefully when the summer rolls around I will be posting more manicures as well as crocheting my ass off!

Today, I have a simple manicure I did using dots and stamping and glitter and texture! LOL
I managed to find 6 out of the 8 sugar coat polishes by Sally Hansen at Pounland! So sad I couldnt find the pink and purple one, if nobody wants their one please send it to me!!!!! :D LOL forever grateful!! Haha

This manicure is simple but oh so pretty :) I didn't want to wipe it off my nails at all!

Here it is :)

I thoroughly enjoy having texture on my nails, as you all know I enjoy rubbing it on my lip!

What do you guys think of this manicure?
Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Topcoat - Green Graffiti!

Hey all,

I hope you're all having a great day! I went shopping with my friend the other week and we went into Superdrug and looked at the new Maybelline graffiti topcoats and boy did I really want the green one! :D She bought it for me even though I forced her not to! She also bought the blue one for herself :)

I really love it :D It really is such an amazing mix of large and small hexes as well as little bar glitters! I had to swatch it instantly!

Oh! And it's so packed with the glitter that only one coat is needed for a full coverage! Impresssssseddddd!!!!

I have one coat over two coats of Barry M - Greenberry :)

Bottle shot!

Here is a super duper close up to show how awesome it is :D 

What do you guys think?! I absolutely love it and I would love to buy them all! lol

Thanks for reading :)

Bye for now!

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Models Own - Sterling Silver + Stamping!

Hey all,

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday :) I woke up pretty late and then was lazy then did my nails :P What a productive day! lol

I have a swatch of Models Own - Sterling Silver. To be honest, its nothing different than the other silver polishes I own, its shimmery and a nightmare to take off...just like all shimmery silver polishes.

I have two coats on and no topcoat :)

I decided to stamp over it with a black polish using a diamond design, pretty simple and nice over silver polish :) I also didn't clean up around my nails. A few weeks ago Nail Art Novice posted in the British Nail Bloggers Facebook page suggesting we post a messy manicure. I missed out on posting mine because I've been so busy and lazy lol :D 
I really hate cleaning up around my cuticle and nails after stamping a design, because the polish ends up soaking and adding a washed out effect under the cuticles which makes it harder to clean or when you do get it clean you get a faint colour of the polish all over you skin....NIGHTMARE!

Here it is...better late than never!

I did end up cleaning it up and here is the cleaned version :)

What do you think? Do you hate clean up and polish all over your skin? Does it drive you insane!?!?!

Thanks for reading :D 

Bye for now!

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Models Own - Velvet Goth Collection!

Hey all,

Almost Friday...WOOOOOO!!

I have good news, I finally invested in a good phone...okay my iPhone 4s wasn't that bad but damn...the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera is da bomb! lol :D

I knew I had to wait to get this phone to photograph the Models Own Velvet Goth Collection I got last week. They are a bunch of glitters, in a coloured base which dries a little matte. I didn't add any topcoat to my swatch because I don't mind the slight grittiness to it and I love matte!

OH! And I really love the fluffy texture on the bottle tops! :D reminds me of the fluff thingie powder for nails!

Here are my swatches :)

First up is Obsidian - It is a bunch of silver glitters suspended in a black jelly base, really super shiny and I love that the glitter is so dense in this polish and the rest of them! I have two coats on without top coat

Next is Valerian - A deep blue jelly with some silver, blue and fine black glitters in it. Easy coverage again in two coats without any topcoat!

Third up is Amethyst - An amazing purple jelly which I absolutely love! I can't get enough of how nice the glitter looks in the purple base! It contains purple and silver glitters in it :) no topcoat again!

Next is Sardonyx - Again, a major fan of this red jelly base! I would love just buy the jelly bases alone because they are so rich in colour! Contains fine black and red glitters! Two coats and no topcoat :)

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favourite of the collection Absinthe - A beautiful deep emerald green colour with fine green and silver glitter and large green hexes. This is just a WOW for me! I really really really love it! :D two coats and no topcoat :)

I do love this collection a lot, these are my first glitters within a coloured base and I am defo not disappointed!
What do you guys think!?

Don't forget I have a give away running :) check it out HERE

Thank you all for reading! 

Bye for now!

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Roses - Inspired By PaulinasPassions!

Hey all :)

What a lovely Monday right?! I just got back from a long day at Uni and a course I took...bloody tired I tell ya!
 Let me make your day even better with the nail art I did! 

I was inspired by Paulina's Passions when I saw her roses nail art on Facebook, you can see it HERE! It's such a lovely manicure and I just had to try it out! 

I have to say that the glitter placement was a real nightmare, my hands are super shaky so every time I kept trying to add the glitters they kept going in the wrong place! Which meant it kinda turned  out wonky! LOL :D 

I decided to change up the colours in my version of her manicure and used a mint green as my base colour and purples as the roses :)

Here it is!

I really like how it turned out and defo was really inspired to try this out! I hope I did it justice Paulina! What do you think!?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Seventeen - High Shine - Miami & Wave!

Hey all :)

Today I have a swatch of Seventeen High Shine nail polish. I've mainly seen this polish in Boots, I saw them the other week for £1 each in the reduction basket! Can't beat that! lol

I know that I vowed I wouldn't buy nail polish and I haven't, these ones my sister bought (THANK GOD!) and I decided to swatch them :)

Typically, blue and pink cremes are colours everyone has and I myself have them too...they've run out so im defo stealing these from my sister >:) hehe! 

They are pretty shiny and I didn't need top coat at all, similar to the Barry M gelly's really :)

Here are the swatches:

First up is Miami, a lovely two coater (could defo get away with one!) very shiny and dries really fast :)

Next is a lovely blue called Wave, defo an accurate name! It's such a lovely opaque creme blue...two coater as well and really shiny!

I think that these polishes are really good for stamping and I will try them out in the future! :) They are very close to the Barry M Gelly collection and also worth the £1 :D ahah can't beat a good bargain!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now! 

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Dogs Trust Team With Models Own + Giveaway!

Hey Ladies :)

*Press Sample*

How are you all? excited that it's Friday and a relaxing weekend is ahead!?

Today I have for you all a polish from Models Own who have teamed up with Dogs Trust to make a limited edition nail polish called 25 Carat Gold. It is to mark the 35th anniversary of Dogs Trust's famous slogan "A dog is for life...not just for Christmas"
The profit made from selling these lovely limited edition gold polishes will all go to Dogs Trust, to help those cute little doggies find a permanent home!

I personally am not a fan of dogs, more of a kitty girl :D but if I could I would home a dog!

The gold polish is actually really lovely, completely opaque in two coats and really really shiny! The application is easy and dries average.
This is one of the best and only gold polishes I now have in my polish collection! :D

Here are the swatches :)

I saw Emma from Emslittlecorner do some dog paws so I did the same! You can see hers HERE

Here is my Penguin supporting Dogs Trust! :D 

Oh! And you can enter to win one of these polishes! WOOHOOO!!! I have 3 to give away, so there will be 3 winners :) unfortunately you have to be a UK resident to enter due to the Royal Mail restrictions (BOOOOO!)

Enter here :)

Thank you for entering and reading! 

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Barry M - Matte - Crush w/ Gold topcoat!

Hey Ladies,

My exam is over! It was bloody tedious...those examiners are so evil!

Anyway, I swatched Barry M - Crush which is a deep red colour and such a bonus that it dries matte!

I have two easy coats on and I have to say Barry M have it covered when you wanna have two perfect two coats! I am loving all their polishes and I really can't get enough really!

I did add NYC - Gold Topcoat over it just to see how it looks and DAMN! it's da bomb! Really adds an elegant touch to it!

Here it is :)


I really do like it with the gold topcoat on! What do you guys thinkies!?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Green Gold Sandwich!

Hey all,

My exam is tomorrow! ARGHHHH!! Not looking forward to it at all I am kinda ready but not ready but ugh :( lol

I'm tryna relax by blogging, here is something I put together a few days ago. I used Models Own - Midori and NYC - Gold Topcoat to do a glitter sandwich. The green is so sheer that it made the gold look so amazing! 

I am impressed at how perfect this turned out!

Here it is :)

It shines through so nicely! What do you guys think!?

Thank you for reading :)

Bye for now!

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Green Nude Stripes!

Hey all,

Procrastination at its best, I have an exam in four days and I'm stressing really hard but keep taking breaks to crochet, eat, text and of course paint my nails!

This morning I painted my nails with a nude polish Barry M - Caramel (my fav!) and then decided to do a stamp image over it. At first I was gonna use Barry M - Greenberry then decided to change my mind and use Watermelon instead :)

I stamped on a tiger stripe from one of the cheeky plates I own :) I added glitter to my ring finger and some silver rhinestones to the rest of my nails!

The pictures are a bit out of focus thanks to my shaky hand, hopefully I will be purchasing a new phone soon and the pictures will be amazing!

Here it is :)

It's definitely a simple manicure, but very eye catching and nice :) I do like how it turned out!

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Nails....a bit late!

Hey all :)

2nd of January, how are the resolutions holding up?

I have one resolution that may shock you all...i'm gonna stop buying nail polish :O in all honesty I really don't need any more! I need to make use of all the colours I already have!

I'll let you all know if this resolution sticks...mayyyyyyyyyybe not :P hehe!

I did a pretty easy nail clash glitter firework thingy for new years, just painted my nails in a dark deep blue sky colour and then I added various glitters to my nail to resemble the fireworks :) then a little 2014 on my thumb in case you all still thought it was 2013 :D

Here it is :)

Pretty simple :) but I think it looks great hehe!

Thank you for reading, I hope you all have a lovely year and loads of good things will be in all your paths!

Bye for now :)

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