Thursday, 16 January 2014

Models Own - Velvet Goth Collection!

Hey all,

Almost Friday...WOOOOOO!!

I have good news, I finally invested in a good phone...okay my iPhone 4s wasn't that bad but damn...the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera is da bomb! lol :D

I knew I had to wait to get this phone to photograph the Models Own Velvet Goth Collection I got last week. They are a bunch of glitters, in a coloured base which dries a little matte. I didn't add any topcoat to my swatch because I don't mind the slight grittiness to it and I love matte!

OH! And I really love the fluffy texture on the bottle tops! :D reminds me of the fluff thingie powder for nails!

Here are my swatches :)

First up is Obsidian - It is a bunch of silver glitters suspended in a black jelly base, really super shiny and I love that the glitter is so dense in this polish and the rest of them! I have two coats on without top coat

Next is Valerian - A deep blue jelly with some silver, blue and fine black glitters in it. Easy coverage again in two coats without any topcoat!

Third up is Amethyst - An amazing purple jelly which I absolutely love! I can't get enough of how nice the glitter looks in the purple base! It contains purple and silver glitters in it :) no topcoat again!

Next is Sardonyx - Again, a major fan of this red jelly base! I would love just buy the jelly bases alone because they are so rich in colour! Contains fine black and red glitters! Two coats and no topcoat :)

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favourite of the collection Absinthe - A beautiful deep emerald green colour with fine green and silver glitter and large green hexes. This is just a WOW for me! I really really really love it! :D two coats and no topcoat :)

I do love this collection a lot, these are my first glitters within a coloured base and I am defo not disappointed!
What do you guys think!?

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Thank you all for reading! 

Bye for now!



  1. They look really glittery and cool especially the fuzzy top (I am a sucker for packaging...)

  2. I have Valerian, but those others are amazing too

  3. They do look gorgeous and my favourite one's gotta be Absinthe! What a colour!! Oh, and I'm loving the fluffly bottle caps, too! *.*

    1. Me too :D Love the green!! lol me too love the fluffy texture :D

  4. Wow they're beautiful Nada! such lovely photos too! I'm amazed by the samsung S4 camera, it totally beats other phones! They do a zoom version too with a better camera but the phone specs aren't as good so I went for the normal version xx

  5. I love all of these - I have all the colours but not the black for some reason....


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