Friday, 10 January 2014

Dogs Trust Team With Models Own + Giveaway!

Hey Ladies :)

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How are you all? excited that it's Friday and a relaxing weekend is ahead!?

Today I have for you all a polish from Models Own who have teamed up with Dogs Trust to make a limited edition nail polish called 25 Carat Gold. It is to mark the 35th anniversary of Dogs Trust's famous slogan "A dog is for life...not just for Christmas"
The profit made from selling these lovely limited edition gold polishes will all go to Dogs Trust, to help those cute little doggies find a permanent home!

I personally am not a fan of dogs, more of a kitty girl :D but if I could I would home a dog!

The gold polish is actually really lovely, completely opaque in two coats and really really shiny! The application is easy and dries average.
This is one of the best and only gold polishes I now have in my polish collection! :D

Here are the swatches :)

I saw Emma from Emslittlecorner do some dog paws so I did the same! You can see hers HERE

Here is my Penguin supporting Dogs Trust! :D 

Oh! And you can enter to win one of these polishes! WOOHOOO!!! I have 3 to give away, so there will be 3 winners :) unfortunately you have to be a UK resident to enter due to the Royal Mail restrictions (BOOOOO!)

Enter here :)

Thank you for entering and reading! 

Bye for now!



  1. Loooove how shiny and 'yellow' this gold is! And I love the cute little paw-prints you've teamed it with. The giveaway is awesome, I'm definitely going to enter! :-D Thanks! Xx

  2. I love stamping with Barry M Gold Foil - it's my favourite gold!

    1. OoooOoo the Barry M foils do stamp really well!

  3. I love the look of gold cast against burgundy and emerald and other rich jewel tones, whether it be in stamping or gradients or any other technique. I have the Barry M gold foil but this looks so much warmer so I think it would definitely up the "richness" factor!

  4. That colour looks great on you, I'm not sure it'd suit me on its own but it'd be great for nail art x

    1. Aww thank you! I might have to try out stamping with it! xx

  5. I like to do black nails with a gold tip or fine strip :)

  6. I love this polish and I love your paw print design over the top! It's lush!

  7. I think a chandelier mani would be really pretty on gold!


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