Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Texture Dots And Diamonds!

Hey All :)

Hope you've all had an amazing week, I myself have been pretty busy and I can barely get in time to crochet and do my nails. I do have a degree to work for so im putting more focus into that, hopefully when the summer rolls around I will be posting more manicures as well as crocheting my ass off!

Today, I have a simple manicure I did using dots and stamping and glitter and texture! LOL
I managed to find 6 out of the 8 sugar coat polishes by Sally Hansen at Pounland! So sad I couldnt find the pink and purple one, if nobody wants their one please send it to me!!!!! :D LOL forever grateful!! Haha

This manicure is simple but oh so pretty :) I didn't want to wipe it off my nails at all!

Here it is :)

I thoroughly enjoy having texture on my nails, as you all know I enjoy rubbing it on my lip!

What do you guys think of this manicure?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I managed to find the same ones in Poundland, I sadly couldn't find pink, purple or blue! (I'll probably go back and double check, just in case)

    1. Finally found the purple but no pink :( wahhh

  2. Love it Nada! so colourful! I've been really busy too, so I went a bit crazy when I had a free weekend hehe <3

    1. Thank you Char <3 I saw all your designs you did! They are absolutely stunning :D xxx


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