Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 7 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Half-Moon MOOOOONICURE!

Hey there,

Today's Challenge is a Black & White Half-Moon Manicure!

So.....I did a black and white half-moon design! Duhh....

First things first today I went to Superdrug and purchased some nail polish, believe it or not I do not own any pastel colours so I bought a nice green and purple colour! Also another thing is I don't own any plain black polish I have a shimmery one so I decided that today was the day to buy a fully jet black uhh... black polish!

Here are the polishes!

From L-R ~ NYC City Blackout, Mint Macaroon and Lavender Cupcake!
I absolutely LOVE the quality of these polishes! They go on smoothly and two coats covers the needed opacity! Definitely a best buy!

Moving on a few days ago I posted newspaper nails and this time round I thought of putting comic characters on my nails, so I decided on Nemi a famous character in the Metros everyday newspaper! I think this came out great!

Now onto today's challenge if you follow my half-moon manicure tutorial (HERE) you would know how I achieved this look! sometimes after taking the tape off the line between the two different colours is weird so I painted another colour using a small brush to even it out!

Hope you like today's look and make sure you check out Aroosa and Charotte's design for day 7

Day 7 - Black  & White Half-moon Manicure

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Half-Moon Manicure ~ Tutorial ~ Envious Green!

Hey there,

Have you ever wondered how the half-moon manicure is achieved?? I did too! until I found out what is used to create the perfect curve, you wouldn't believe it but hole-punch reinforcer's are used! 

Now to the tutorial!

First paint your nails in any colour you like but make sure it is lighter that the colour you want to paint on top! I painted my nails a nice green by Color Club!

For this step make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dry to avoid any peeling while taking of the stickers! TOP TOP! To take some of the stickiness away from the tape put it on the back of your hand a few times then apply it onto your nail! 

After painting your nails in a darker shade than the base colour peel off the stickers carefully to reveal the the half-moon!

Now to add a bit of bling, I added small green rhinestones!

Here are the materials I used!

From L-R ~ Color Club - unknown. Rimmel London - Camouflage. NYC Top coat - New york in a minute. 

Thanks for reading! and if you decide to try this look at send me a picture :)

Bye for now!
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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 6 ~ Black& White Challenge ~ Black Rainbow!

Hey there,

The theme for today's Black & White Challenge is......A gradient base with black on top!

I've seen a manicure all around the Internet where a few colours are painted on the nail like a rainbow then after it is dry thin strips of tape are laid on top and black is painted over the nail!

SOOOOO MUCH PATIENCE is needed for this manicure as you have to let the rainbow base dry for a couple of hours to avoid the tape lifting it off!! I have no patience whatsoever but I tried to control myself going nuts!

Here is the design!

I bought the Color Club polishes from TK Maxx a great bargain! As it was 7 bottles for £6.99! However, there is a down side which is I have no idea what the names of these polishes are! It is extremely annoying owning nameless nail polish!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out Aroosa & Charlotte's design for day 6 of the black and whit challenge!

Day 6 - Gradient Base with Black

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 5 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Spotty!

Hey there,

Today ive had one of the worst blocks ever! I couldn't think of any designs to do I went through so many nail polish till I got to today's manicure and I still hate the design I did! I don't even know what it is...

Right here is the design!

I know its awful! However, there is one thing I like and that is the website I use to edit the pictures and that is  Go check it out!
And before I forget! my best friend Leslie-Anne did her nails! and I thought they would fit in with todays challenge!! 

I absolutely love this!! <3

See ya next time! And don't forget to check Aroosa's & Charlotte's design for day 5!

Day 5 - Coloured Base With Black / White
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 4 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Glitterfied!

Hey there,

Today's challenge is a Black base with glitter! Being a massive fan of the colour green i had to do green glitter! I used Orly's - Here comes trouble. I bought this polish off a blog sale by The Nail Network Go check her out she does amazing swatches! 

But before i show you my manicure I wanted to first share a picture of my fourth hand made book! This one I am sending to a artist called Jess Bradley (check her out!) shes really inspiring and I love her drawing to bits because they are just so hilarious! Here's an example:

Doesn't this just make you laugh?!!?!?
Here is the picture of the book I'm sending her! 

Now to my manicure for today's challenge!

What do you think?? While your at it check out Aroosa and Charlotte's design for today!

Day 4 - Black Base With Glitter

Thank you for reading!
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Newspaper Nails!

Hey there,

A while back wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before I created my blog I saw loads of newspaper nails and I really wanted to try it!
I finally got round to buying rubbing alcohol (only £1.79 for 500ml!!) and I couldn't wait to paint my nails!

I painted on 2 coats of white nail polish then dipped the newspaper pieces I cut randomly into the rubbing alcohol then transferred it onto my nails!

Here is the result!!

Although its a bit messy I still love it and it looks way better in real life!

Thanks for reading :D

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 3 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ 30 SECONDS TO MARS

Hey there,

Today's challenge is....*drum roll*.....Inspired by a band! 

Not many people know this but I am a bit of a rocker I cant stand Pop or R'n'B music (id rather jump off a cliff) 

As my inspiration for today's manicure I decided to do 30 Seconds To Mars because I just love them! My favourite song of all time is "This is War" 

My friends Leslie-Anne and Rebecca like them too! They've been waiting all day to see my manicure! 

But....they are going to have to wait a little longer because today I was busy with a few other things! I made a purse out of tape! this is dedicated to Aroosa! She was the one who took me too a shop called Tiger *AMAZING* From the moment we both stepped inside the shop till we left we couldn't stop laughing and looking at all the amazing things they had! I bought quite a few things and one of them was a tape roll with butterfly's on!

Here's my creation:

Now to the design!! Here's my take on Hieroglyphics which stand for 30 Seconds To Mars! and the Triad!
I did pretty good as a left hand because I painted my left hand with my right and the design came out much better than it did on my right hand! (If that makes sense?)

Right Hand

Right Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand
I hope you enjoyed today's manicure and be sure to come back on Wednesday for Day 4 of the Black & White Challenge! Be sure to check out Aroosa's design for Day 3 she did Nir....... sorry! gotta check her out! ;)

Day 3 - White/Black Base ~ Band Inspired

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 2 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Number Crunchin' Time!

Hey there,

Day two of the Black and White Challenge is.........*drum roll* Black base with White *BOOM* 

Ive always HATED maths! I did A-Level maths and I failed miserably so I thought why not stamp numbers on my nails just to show the little place in my heart for maths (even though I hate it!)

You may think that this design I did took me a minute or two BUT you have no idea how painful it was *sobs* I had to do it so many times just to get the numbers on my nails! The problems I faced were the nail polish drying too fast which meant it wouldn't transfer onto the stamp -__- and when it did transfer onto the stamp the design wouldn't transfer onto my nail *ARGH* So I gave it a little rest and tried again this time working faster so that I can get the design on more better!

In the pictures I took you can defo see the many fails I made.....BUT NOBODY IS PERFECT PEOPLE SO GET OVER IT! XD

From L-R ~ Revlon - Black Star. Barry M - Matt White. L.A Colors - Top Coat. Then my damned stamping plate and stamper!

 Here are a few pics! ENJOY!

 Okay now I had a little fun and mathified it! XD a calculator has to be in a pic as......YOLO (sorry!)

I just had to be a little immature. Its my nature! (don't judge me!)

Right that's it for today folks, hope you enjoyed today's manicure! and tune into Aroosa's and Charlotte's Blog to see her design for day 2!

Day 2 - Black Base With White

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 1 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Spiralling Out Of Control!

Hey there,

Our (Mine and Aroosa's) nail art challenge has commenced! Being an easily excited person I couldn't wait to do the first challenge which is White Base With Black!! 

Yesterday I did a nail design just out of no where using a stamping plate I bought and the two wonderfully contrasting colours.

Here's a little picture:

Like the fun I had with editing?
Doing this design inspired today's White base with Black look because I did the exact same thing but with the colours...........Black and White duhhh!?

Here are the colours I used:

From L-R - L.A Colors ~ Top coat. Out Door Girl ~ Black Crackle. L.A Colors ~ Sassy Sparkle. Revlon ~ Black Star. L.A Color ~ Energy Source.
 This is the stamping plate I used! Although the middle design is small it worked great on my small nails but if they were longer I would have trouble stamping it on my entire nail1 So this is the only good time to have short nails! XD

Now the design I did, is on my left hand and as you all know I am left handed so I had to use my right hand for this design because the nails on my right hand have floated up to nail heaven sadly! XD

With Bottle Picture!
 I have added an accent nail by doing a black crackle effect on it! The crackle I used is from the pound shop (no surprise there!) and if I'm honest, it is great compared to the Barry M one I bought which dried up after a week and I only used it once! :( so after much disappointment I bought this and I've had it for about 4 months and I use it a lot and thank god it had NOT dried up!

Without Bottle Picture!
After looking around in my nail polish collection it occurred to me to add some sparkle to the design and I did by adding some glitter nail polish! 

With Bottle Picture!
 Without Bottle Picture!

This is the poster that Aroosa made for our challenge! And head over to her blog to check out her design for day 1 of the Black & White Challenge! Also check out Charlotte's Blog for her take on Day 1!

Day one is officially completed!

Day 1 - White Base With Black

Thanks for reading and brace yourselves for the remaining challenges! and tune in next time kids ;)
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Revlon (BARGAIN) Swatches!!

Hey there!

So the Poundland near my house is doing nail varnish, BUT what's the biggie?? Well if you went in and saw a whole entire shelf full of Revlon nail polishes which cost around £6.46 all for £1 I think you would die? Well I certainly did and like a Nailaholic I went crazy and bought around 12! You guessed it for..........£12 QUID! Now that to me is money well spent!

Today I have four of the polishes on swatch for you :)

From L-R - Rock, Demure, Emerald City and Craving Coral!
These are very nice colours and I loved swatching them!

Here's the first of the colours:

It looks absolutely great with a matte top coat and I loved feeling the texture!
Matte Top Coat!


Matte Top Coat!

Emerald City! This is already a matte polish!

Craving Coral!
Matte Top Coat!

So these are all the swatches for the Revlon nail polish and I absolutely love them!

I have like 8 more to swatch and they will be coming soon! (when my nails get longer XD)

Thanks for reading!


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Cherrylicious! YUM! YUM!

Hey there,

Who is in the mood for some cherries?? Well feast your eyes on my fingers (NO EATING OR DROOLING)

Excuse my index finger!
So I have shaky hands from drinking a cappuccino earlier and its so annoying trying to aim perfectly but it comes out all wobbly! 

But I don't really care! (rebel much?) overall I love the design! 

Here are the nail polishes I used!

From L-R - L.A Colors ~ Energy Source, Cranberry Red, Palm Tree. Orly ~ Emberstone. Rimmel London ~ Matte Top Coat. Lastly, my trusty dotting tool and nail art brush!

Here are some more pictures of the manicure!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this manicure and see you all soon!

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