Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 1 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Spiralling Out Of Control!

Hey there,

Our (Mine and Aroosa's) nail art challenge has commenced! Being an easily excited person I couldn't wait to do the first challenge which is White Base With Black!! 

Yesterday I did a nail design just out of no where using a stamping plate I bought and the two wonderfully contrasting colours.

Here's a little picture:

Like the fun I had with editing?
Doing this design inspired today's White base with Black look because I did the exact same thing but with the colours...........Black and White duhhh!?

Here are the colours I used:

From L-R - L.A Colors ~ Top coat. Out Door Girl ~ Black Crackle. L.A Colors ~ Sassy Sparkle. Revlon ~ Black Star. L.A Color ~ Energy Source.
 This is the stamping plate I used! Although the middle design is small it worked great on my small nails but if they were longer I would have trouble stamping it on my entire nail1 So this is the only good time to have short nails! XD

Now the design I did, is on my left hand and as you all know I am left handed so I had to use my right hand for this design because the nails on my right hand have floated up to nail heaven sadly! XD

With Bottle Picture!
 I have added an accent nail by doing a black crackle effect on it! The crackle I used is from the pound shop (no surprise there!) and if I'm honest, it is great compared to the Barry M one I bought which dried up after a week and I only used it once! :( so after much disappointment I bought this and I've had it for about 4 months and I use it a lot and thank god it had NOT dried up!

Without Bottle Picture!
After looking around in my nail polish collection it occurred to me to add some sparkle to the design and I did by adding some glitter nail polish! 

With Bottle Picture!
 Without Bottle Picture!

This is the poster that Aroosa made for our challenge! And head over to her blog to check out her design for day 1 of the Black & White Challenge! Also check out Charlotte's Blog for her take on Day 1!

Day one is officially completed!

Day 1 - White Base With Black

Thanks for reading and brace yourselves for the remaining challenges! and tune in next time kids ;)


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