Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 3 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ 30 SECONDS TO MARS

Hey there,

Today's challenge is....*drum roll*.....Inspired by a band! 

Not many people know this but I am a bit of a rocker I cant stand Pop or R'n'B music (id rather jump off a cliff) 

As my inspiration for today's manicure I decided to do 30 Seconds To Mars because I just love them! My favourite song of all time is "This is War" 

My friends Leslie-Anne and Rebecca like them too! They've been waiting all day to see my manicure! 

But....they are going to have to wait a little longer because today I was busy with a few other things! I made a purse out of tape! this is dedicated to Aroosa! She was the one who took me too a shop called Tiger *AMAZING* From the moment we both stepped inside the shop till we left we couldn't stop laughing and looking at all the amazing things they had! I bought quite a few things and one of them was a tape roll with butterfly's on!

Here's my creation:

Now to the design!! Here's my take on Hieroglyphics which stand for 30 Seconds To Mars! and the Triad!
I did pretty good as a left hand because I painted my left hand with my right and the design came out much better than it did on my right hand! (If that makes sense?)

Right Hand

Right Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand
I hope you enjoyed today's manicure and be sure to come back on Wednesday for Day 4 of the Black & White Challenge! Be sure to check out Aroosa's design for Day 3 she did Nir....... sorry! gotta check her out! ;)

Day 3 - White/Black Base ~ Band Inspired



  1. Totally love the crafty little things you've made! :D And the 30 Seconds To Mars design is AWESOME! xxxx

  2. loved the purse :D x


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