Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 6 ~ Black& White Challenge ~ Black Rainbow!

Hey there,

The theme for today's Black & White Challenge is......A gradient base with black on top!

I've seen a manicure all around the Internet where a few colours are painted on the nail like a rainbow then after it is dry thin strips of tape are laid on top and black is painted over the nail!

SOOOOO MUCH PATIENCE is needed for this manicure as you have to let the rainbow base dry for a couple of hours to avoid the tape lifting it off!! I have no patience whatsoever but I tried to control myself going nuts!

Here is the design!

I bought the Color Club polishes from TK Maxx a great bargain! As it was 7 bottles for £6.99! However, there is a down side which is I have no idea what the names of these polishes are! It is extremely annoying owning nameless nail polish!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out Aroosa & Charlotte's design for day 6 of the black and whit challenge!

Day 6 - Gradient Base with Black


  1. You should come college with one of the above designs. That'd be cool.


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