Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 7 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Half-Moon MOOOOONICURE!

Hey there,

Today's Challenge is a Black & White Half-Moon Manicure!

So.....I did a black and white half-moon design! Duhh....

First things first today I went to Superdrug and purchased some nail polish, believe it or not I do not own any pastel colours so I bought a nice green and purple colour! Also another thing is I don't own any plain black polish I have a shimmery one so I decided that today was the day to buy a fully jet black uhh... black polish!

Here are the polishes!

From L-R ~ NYC City Blackout, Mint Macaroon and Lavender Cupcake!
I absolutely LOVE the quality of these polishes! They go on smoothly and two coats covers the needed opacity! Definitely a best buy!

Moving on a few days ago I posted newspaper nails and this time round I thought of putting comic characters on my nails, so I decided on Nemi a famous character in the Metros everyday newspaper! I think this came out great!

Now onto today's challenge if you follow my half-moon manicure tutorial (HERE) you would know how I achieved this look! sometimes after taking the tape off the line between the two different colours is weird so I painted another colour using a small brush to even it out!

Hope you like today's look and make sure you check out Aroosa and Charotte's design for day 7

Day 7 - Black  & White Half-moon Manicure



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