Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 2 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Number Crunchin' Time!

Hey there,

Day two of the Black and White Challenge is.........*drum roll* Black base with White *BOOM* 

Ive always HATED maths! I did A-Level maths and I failed miserably so I thought why not stamp numbers on my nails just to show the little place in my heart for maths (even though I hate it!)

You may think that this design I did took me a minute or two BUT you have no idea how painful it was *sobs* I had to do it so many times just to get the numbers on my nails! The problems I faced were the nail polish drying too fast which meant it wouldn't transfer onto the stamp -__- and when it did transfer onto the stamp the design wouldn't transfer onto my nail *ARGH* So I gave it a little rest and tried again this time working faster so that I can get the design on more better!

In the pictures I took you can defo see the many fails I made.....BUT NOBODY IS PERFECT PEOPLE SO GET OVER IT! XD

From L-R ~ Revlon - Black Star. Barry M - Matt White. L.A Colors - Top Coat. Then my damned stamping plate and stamper!

 Here are a few pics! ENJOY!

 Okay now I had a little fun and mathified it! XD a calculator has to be in a pic as......YOLO (sorry!)

I just had to be a little immature. Its my nature! (don't judge me!)

Right that's it for today folks, hope you enjoyed today's manicure! and tune into Aroosa's and Charlotte's Blog to see her design for day 2!

Day 2 - Black Base With White



  1. Cool blog post, and the nail designs look wicked :D


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