Saturday, 30 November 2013

British Nail Blogger Get Rubbed!

Hey all :)

Just a really sexual post for you all :P Name courtesy from Emma over at Em's Little Corner
This is gonna be the weirdest post you may have possibly ever read...but I am not the only one that does it! I'm talking about that lip rubbing thing most of us do absentmindedly! rubbing your painted nails on your upper lip just to get a feel of the polish you're wearing!
Ever do that? I do it with all types of nail polish I have, must be something I do when I am stressed or nervous because it really makes me calm LOL

Textures, dotty nails, glitter, satin/metallic and matte nails! Those are my 5 favorite polish and nail art finishes! 

1. Texture - feels amazing to feel the grittiness on my lip! its actually so soothing :) my favorite has to be O.P.I - Pussy Galore (very fitting name for this post!) Sometimes I even lick it so I can feel the grittiness on my tongue!

2. Dotty - When I have a spotty design on my nails it creates a really awesome 3D texture on my and when I rub it on my upper lip I can feel the bumps!
Here is an awful example with a lopsided bow! 

3. Satin/metallic polishes - They are so smooth and fell really good! Really glides along my top lip! Sometimes I press my tongue on my nail because it just slides off!

4. Glitter! - OMG! The best feeling texture on my lips! The bumps caused by glitter really fills any needs on rubbing! LOL

5. Matte! - Soooooooooo smooooth!!! Really feels smooth and just awesome! Has to be my favorite type of finish to rub along my lip! Especially the new Barry M ones! I want them all :D 

So here you go! These are all of my favorite finishes that I like to rub on my upper lip! Do you guys do this too!? What are your favorite polishes?!

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to check out the other rubbers! 

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bumble Bee Buzz!

Hey ladies,
I hope you are doing well today :) 

I was so bored of having nothing on my nails for a while that I decided to paint something on them. I was looking around for inspiration and then I realised that I had crocheted a bumble bee brooch and I could paint my nails to match them!

I looked around online for some inspiration and found Alice's (onenailtorulethemall) bee nails that she had done and I used it :)

I used a stamping plate for the perfect lines because for the life of me I cannot draw straight lines on my nails free handedly! 

I added some glitter to mix! Here it is :)

I really like how my nails turned out :) What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Top 10 Favorite Polish!

Hey All!

I have a post today telling you all about my top 10 favorite polish! This is a real toughie! I have so many nail polishes and to choose from the bunch I had to narrow it down, It's like narrowing down your favorite family member! ARGHHHH!!!!

Here are the top 10 :)

10. I'd have to put NYC - Aqua Mystic. It's such a lovely metallic blue and perfect for stamping! It's one of my favorite blues!

9. Number 9 is NYC- Smokey Topcoat - Greenday. I do LOVE this polish due to the green bits of glitter and black gelly! 

8. Barry m -Special Edition pink (A). Is such a lovely pink and its a jelly polish, due to it having to be layered up I put it at number 8!

7. Amazing orange by Barry M - Mango. It's once of the best and only oranges I own!

6. I love green, It's absolutely my favorite colour ever! and I choose Essence - L.O.L

5. Now this is another green but by Barry M - Keylime. its absolutely an awesome shiny green!! Smooth application and just a great colour! 

4. Another Barry M - Favorite :) Pink silver glitter, it has a gritty finish and I just love how it looks on my nails!

3. oOooOoo toughie....Has to be O.P.I - Pussy Galore! Love the gritty finish again and how lovely the texture is! It's my best opi polish I have!

2. Without a doubt my second favorite polish is Barry M - Caramel. why? because it matches my skin tone perfectly and it really looks like im not wearing any nail polish! It has such a lovely satin matte finish I love rubbing my nails on my upper lip (do you guys do that too?! lol) Just perfect :D

1. Number one is.......BARRY M - GREENBERRY! I chose this one because I used it as my base colour for my cute little penguin nails! Absolutely love the colour and how it matched perfectly with the penguins I decided to do! :D

So theres my top 10 nail polish and I did have a lot of Barry M favorites :) And still have more! 

Hope you all liked my choices :)  

Dont forget to check out the other British bloggers and their favorite 10!!

Bye for now!

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Guest Post From Nailallure!

Hey all! I have yet another guest post for you all! This time it's from the lovely Nootan over at Nailallure! 
Check it out!

Hello! I usually blog at but I'm very happy to do this guest post for Nada today.

The manicure that I am going to share with you was inspired by the polish and the image plate I used for it. For this manicure, my base polish is Color Club Holo Hues Cosmic Fate. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Color Club Holo Hues Cosmic Fate swatch
Its kind of a coppery pink, quite a soft colour but with a stunning holographic sparkle. And I managed to get some photos in the sun today!

Color Club Holo Hues Cosmic Fate swatch

I stamped this beautiful polish with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Quick Brick and Grape Escape. The images are from the MoYou London XL Plate 10 from the Pro Collection. The rhinestones are from MoYou London as well.
Floral Stamping Nail Art on Holographic nail polish

I really like the colourful stamping on this - it made me realise I don't do that enough - its such a nice change from the usual black, white, gold and silver!

Floral Stamping Nail Art on Holographic nail polish

Thanks for reading! And thank you, Nada, for this opportunity to share my nail art with your readers! 

Thankyou Nootan! I absolutely love the holo on this polish! And the stamping is sooooo goood!! AGreat colour on great nails :) Thanks again!

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Guest Post from Southern Sparkle Nail Art!

Hey ladies! <3 
Today's amazing guest post is from Samantha over at Southern Sparkle Nail Art :D She did a lovely pretty pink manicure with more pink stamping! Check it out!

Hello Lacquer Lovers!
My name is Samantha and my blog is Southern Sparkle Nail Art! I'm happy to post for Nada today, as she is super busy with uni. :)
Today's post will be short and sweet, as I am busy with schooling too!

 Here is one of my newest go to looks- a nice creme and stamping!
My base is Essie Big Spender, which has been one of my favorite fall colors! I stamped it with a non-labeled Pure Ice black sparkly polish. The stamping plate is from Winstonia Store and it is plate W112.
Overall, I am really loving this look! 

Thank you for having me Nada!
Make sure to stop by my blog and say hi! :)

I love it! Thank you so much Samantha <3 Love the nails! 

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Just Another Random Skittle!

Hey all,

It's about time I posted something on my own nails :) Thank you to Jade and Andra for their lovely guest posts and wonderful nails! 

For you all today, I have a random skittle I did on my nails a few days ago...I use some texture and some glitter, a dash of stamping, some hearts and flowers with some jelly yellow and pink polish :)

Here is what I got!

What do you guys think? :) I thoroughly enjoyed having this design on my nails! 

Thank you for reading :)

Bye for now!

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Guest Post from Life in Lacquer!

Hey Ladies :)

Today's amazing guest post is from Jade :D I love that green!! Check it out:

Hi there! I'm Jade from the nail blog Life in Lacquer. Nada is super busy at uni so i thought i would give her an hand and share with you all some nail art :) 

Today i have used three polishes from the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection. Fly, Pink Friday and Did It On Em. I also used Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy (i think it is because none of my Color Clubs have names on them!)

I love these polishes! So bright and funky! I couldn't decide which design to do so I did a skittle!

The green is not this bright at all in real life, but I just could not capture it!! 

I hand painted the designs using a tiny brush by Essence. 

So what do you all think? 

I hope you liked my nail art and thanks for reading! 

Jade xx

OMG :D I love that green soooooo much :D and lovely skittle! Thanks so much Jade <3

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Guest Post from Nailmattic!

Hey Ladies :)

Today I have a guest post for you all, just until I am back into the groove of things and so that my blog is active!

Thank you to Andra from Nailmattic :) here it is!

Well hello you all.. Could someone win my heart by asking me to do a guest post or what (mind you chocolate wasn't even involved)!! Well I am here, over at Nada's house making a cameo with my talons.

For this post I decided to take my talents to water marble, if you've seen my posts featuring wm design, you should know it's my baby. I am using a new polish to my knowledge and collection by the name of Q & A Nail Lacquer, which is based in Manhattan, New York. This polish is in the blue family, model named Knickerbocker; it does remind of the NY Knicks uniform color. You can purchase more colors from their site

I've fallen in love with matte again, hence in this post I'll show you the gloss & matte look. For the white polish in this mani, I used Bettina's "Marshallow".

Well lacquer lovelies, I have enjoyed my time here; I suggest you all stick around for more guests.... Nada's house seems like the place to be!!


You can follow her on all the links below! And thank you Andra!


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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Texture Jelly Sammich!

Hey all!

Yes, I've been away for quite a while now! Been swamped with school crap :( and been so stressed!

I had to force myself to do something on my nails today, even though I'm coming up with the cold! wahhhh :(

I wanted to do something lazy...what lazier than just dotting on a design?! lol!

I did a tectured jelly sandwich, painted my nails with a base coat of Barry M's - limited ed A and one of the new textured polish called - Countess :) then topped it off with another coat of the sheer jelly pink!

Here it is :)

What do you think!? I love how the texture still shows through the coat of pink :) I love texture!

Thanks for reading :)

Bye for now!

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