Monday, 30 July 2012

Starz In Their Eyes!

Hey there,

Every time I think of stars I remember the song 'Starz in their eyes' by Just Jack and I love that song! So you can say that this manicure is inspired by Just Jack and his great song!

Side note: Currently sat on the floor at the library for a change of atmosphere! 

Yup I love this manicure! Kept it on for a few days till it started peeling and I'm sure ill do it again with different combination of colours and different colours of glitter (although its a pain the the butt to remove!)

OH! In other news I have been trying my hand at origami and i have successfully made a few stuff but for today i thought id show you my favourite of them all!

The Transforming Ninja Star!!!!

Goes from this tooo.....
yup! Quite awesome! I would love to do tutorial on this on my blog but who knows if ill ever get round to it since its longer than painting my nails and taking pics!

Well hope you enjoyed the manicure as much as I did doing it!

Bye for now!


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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Swatcher ~ 2true Shades 4&6

Hey there,

So yeah pretty late post but I guess I had nothing to do and decided to paint my nails, edit pictures and do this post!

I bought these two nail polishes today pretty cheap! Which is always good!

No more rambling here are the pics:

Went a bit adventurous with my watermark haha!
Shade 6 is a lovely mix between pink and orange shimmery bits! I really like it and it took 3 coats to get opaque but no worries it dried so quick I loved it!!

Shade 4 is lovely too a deep purple shimmer which also took three coats a dried quick!

One bad point...I wish the polishes from 2true had names! Like why number your polish! give it a snazzy weird name to make it more catchy!

Finally I had to stamp on it to snazz it up! 

I really like this design!

Cheeky Plate 6!
Enjoy this post!

Bye for now!


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Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Random Act!

Firstly I have some devastating news that is career breaking...I broke my pinky nail on my right hand which means some weird nail posts for the coming weeks...see how life threatening that is?

Moving swiftly on..

Right so this summer Ive been seeing so many strawberry nail designs and many bloggers take on it and my nail buddy Aroosa did it too! check it peeps (cringe worthy word right!?)

Aroosa's take on the design!
Well I decided to do my take on the strawberry nail design and lets just say it turned out weird and just...I don't know how to describe it!

Here judge for yourselves!

It looks kinda abstract and just not strawberry like at all! I kind of like it? I think...? Haha!

What do you guys think?

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Swatcher ~ Orly ~ Rock Solid!

Hey there,

Well I barely own glitter nail polish but the ones I do own are great! I think I only have 5! And I've always neglected this polish due to actually forgetting it at the back of the draw!

Sooo, today I decided to pull it out and paint my nails with it....and....I LOVE IT! Like seriously I loveeeee it! Such a great colour! I used three coats to get it fully opaque and surprisingly each coat dried so quickly! This is a plus as I'm always using my hands for various things...

I absolutely love the textured feeling of glitter nail polish so I didn't add a topcoat!

Believe it or not but I judge nail polish on its wear-ability by washing the dishes (since its my main chore!) and after an hour after painting my nails I washed the dishes and...NO CHIPPING OR PEELING! Now this impresses me a lot!

Therefore my verdict is...10/10!

Here's the pics!

Look at allll the colours!!

OooooOOOoo Shiny!!

I decided  to do some stamping just to see how it would work on top of this colour, it didn't work very well because the white I used was thin and crappy and didn't stamp well at all! but oh well I tried :)

Well I'm out! 

Bye for now!

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Half Moony Half Stampy All Greeny!!

Hey there!

Sooo! Yesterday I went to Starbucks to see my long lost best friends of all time! I haven't seen them properly in two years since we both go different colleges and live quite far (well I do since I moved house!)

Me being me I had to do my nails for the occasion! so I decided to combine three of my favorite things...GREEN...STAMPING....HALF-MOONS!

And my dear friends I present to you my design!

What do you think?? I really like this design! I see myself doing this with different colour combinations!

Had to rock out my green iPod!!

From L-R ~ China Glaze - Tree Hugger. NYC - Mint Macaroon. Orly - Le Chateau and NYC Topcoat!

Cheeky nail plate 1 and a paint brush to clean around my nails!
 Here's a few piccys thanks to Leslie-Anne :DD

See how we went from this too...


I had a great day with you guys so this post goes out to you both!!! Love you xxxxx

Bye for now!

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 8 ~ Fun In The Sun!

Hey there,

I'm so sad that this challenge has come to an end! I had so much fun creating new ideas and such stuff to go along with it!

For the second day of the summer fun challenge we had to create a lovey dovey design...I kinda didn't like the design I did so since today anything goes I decided to do a heart stamp from the Cheeky nail art plates I got!

Here it is!

Ive no idea the name of the colour!!

This one is Orly ~ Emberstone!

So with my new stamping plates I decided to do my mums nails! same colour combo as mine!

This is the stamping plate I used!

Well I hope you enjoyed the designs I came up with for this challenge and thank you for all the support!!

Bye for now


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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 7 ~ Summer Stylin'!

Hey there,

So today's challenge is a mani inspired by a favourite piece of fashion! Well yesterday I received my Cheeky Nail Art Plates and decided to do a flower mani! During the summer I see so many ladies wearing flowery print dresses and bags and all sorts covered in this beautiful flowery design! What a way to appreciate it by matching your nails with your dress and doing a flowery summery design!!

Here are the pictures!!

Direct Sunlight!

This One Too!

Bottle Pic Has To Be Here!

And The Plate I Used!

Cheeky Plate 12!

Polishes from L-R ~ Revlon - Sunshine Sparkle. L.A Colors - Tropical Breeze, Palm Tree and Exotic Pink!
Right I'm done here!

Bye bye for now!

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Cheeky Nail Art Plates!!!!

Hey there,

Today I received my nail art plates from Cheeky!

I am soooooooooo happy and even until now I'm looking at them and millions of ideas are coming into my head!

I think I might do a whole series where I will be stamping in different colours just to show what each different plate looks like!

Here are a few pictures I took today!

There are 26 plates altogether and well worth the money! These plates are exceptional! why? because no matter how intricate the design, it still transfers without any difficulties!!

Here is a few I did just to quickly try them out!!

Thanks for reading!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the summer fun challenge post!

Until then 


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Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 6 ~ The Big Blue!

Hey there,

For today's summer fun challenge I obviously did a water marble! and I tried to add a different feel by doing an accent nail wave kinda thing!

Here it is!

Polishes Used - L.A Colors ~ Sea Siren, Barry M ~ Cobalt Blue and Matt White.

Essie ~ Smooth Sailing and NYC Topcoat in a Minute

It's pretty simple just great for the challenge!!

Bye for now

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 5 ~ Are We There Yet!?

Hey there,

OMG! its already day five of the summer fun challenge by Lindsey over at the Neverland Nail Blog!! that went quick!

Haha....I'm late again I know! But if you read my previous post you'll all know what I was going through!!
Thanks to my bestest friend and official WERP Leslie-Anne for helping me fix my stupid laptop issue now I am re-marrying my laptop and actually blogging from it right now!!

Now to today's manicure!

The idea behind this design is the long American roads that seem never ending and you I lost?!?

Color Club - Unknown name so I'm gonna name it YALLOOOOOW!

Rimmel London - Grey Matter!!
OMG! before I forget do you like my new watermark?? I finally got Photoshop and thought ill be sinning if I don't copy everyone else and do the same watermark design! :P

Yes my thumb does say lost!?!?!

 I hope you all like today's manicure!

Be sure to check out the other lovely ladies who participated!

Bye for now


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We're Going To The Zoo!

Hey there,

Rant alert!

I have been trying to post this post for about 6 days now and I've had no luck! Why you may ask? well let me tell laptop is being a real b***h, its so slow and all my pictures are saved on it and I've been trying to edit pictures for ages now! Like seriously it takes half an hour to edit 15 or so pics but with my laptop it takes me literally four hour of huffing and puffing and frustration to even get the picture to load!! AND may I just add that anything Google related like Blogger and YouTube comes up as this:

Which means I cant even blog from my own laptop!!!!!!!! I'm just soooo angry and frustrated right now that I'm using another laptop to blog, I think I've officially divorced my own laptop until it learns how to behave properly without killing me slowly and painfully.

Right now that is over I feel much better!

So last week Thursday  I made a trip to London Zoo!! I had so much fun looking at all the animals and it was such a hot day too! I took so many pictures (mostly of penguins since I'm obsessed with them!) 

Here is a little collage I did to save this post from becoming to heavy pictured!

Now what has this got to do with nail art? well a few months back I won a give away from and she sent me Kooky Nail Wraps and I've been dying to try them out and this was the best opportunity to do so!

Without further ado, here it is!

I love them! I had them on for about 4 days and I washed millions of dishes and did loads of house work and got no peeling from the tips!! This must be because I added a topcoat to protect it!!

Lurvvvvve this drink!!


If anyone know how to fix Google on my laptop please let me know because i am dying here and ill be forever grateful and pay you back with loads of hug and kisses!! 

Bye for now 


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