Monday, 30 July 2012

Starz In Their Eyes!

Hey there,

Every time I think of stars I remember the song 'Starz in their eyes' by Just Jack and I love that song! So you can say that this manicure is inspired by Just Jack and his great song!

Side note: Currently sat on the floor at the library for a change of atmosphere! 

Yup I love this manicure! Kept it on for a few days till it started peeling and I'm sure ill do it again with different combination of colours and different colours of glitter (although its a pain the the butt to remove!)

OH! In other news I have been trying my hand at origami and i have successfully made a few stuff but for today i thought id show you my favourite of them all!

The Transforming Ninja Star!!!!

Goes from this tooo.....
yup! Quite awesome! I would love to do tutorial on this on my blog but who knows if ill ever get round to it since its longer than painting my nails and taking pics!

Well hope you enjoyed the manicure as much as I did doing it!

Bye for now!



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