Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Swatcher ~ Orly ~ Rock Solid!

Hey there,

Well I barely own glitter nail polish but the ones I do own are great! I think I only have 5! And I've always neglected this polish due to actually forgetting it at the back of the draw!

Sooo, today I decided to pull it out and paint my nails with it....and....I LOVE IT! Like seriously I loveeeee it! Such a great colour! I used three coats to get it fully opaque and surprisingly each coat dried so quickly! This is a plus as I'm always using my hands for various things...

I absolutely love the textured feeling of glitter nail polish so I didn't add a topcoat!

Believe it or not but I judge nail polish on its wear-ability by washing the dishes (since its my main chore!) and after an hour after painting my nails I washed the dishes and...NO CHIPPING OR PEELING! Now this impresses me a lot!

Therefore my verdict is...10/10!

Here's the pics!

Look at allll the colours!!

OooooOOOoo Shiny!!

I decided  to do some stamping just to see how it would work on top of this colour, it didn't work very well because the white I used was thin and crappy and didn't stamp well at all! but oh well I tried :)

Well I'm out! 

Bye for now!



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