Wednesday, 4 July 2012

We're Going To The Zoo!

Hey there,

Rant alert!

I have been trying to post this post for about 6 days now and I've had no luck! Why you may ask? well let me tell laptop is being a real b***h, its so slow and all my pictures are saved on it and I've been trying to edit pictures for ages now! Like seriously it takes half an hour to edit 15 or so pics but with my laptop it takes me literally four hour of huffing and puffing and frustration to even get the picture to load!! AND may I just add that anything Google related like Blogger and YouTube comes up as this:

Which means I cant even blog from my own laptop!!!!!!!! I'm just soooo angry and frustrated right now that I'm using another laptop to blog, I think I've officially divorced my own laptop until it learns how to behave properly without killing me slowly and painfully.

Right now that is over I feel much better!

So last week Thursday  I made a trip to London Zoo!! I had so much fun looking at all the animals and it was such a hot day too! I took so many pictures (mostly of penguins since I'm obsessed with them!) 

Here is a little collage I did to save this post from becoming to heavy pictured!

Now what has this got to do with nail art? well a few months back I won a give away from and she sent me Kooky Nail Wraps and I've been dying to try them out and this was the best opportunity to do so!

Without further ado, here it is!

I love them! I had them on for about 4 days and I washed millions of dishes and did loads of house work and got no peeling from the tips!! This must be because I added a topcoat to protect it!!

Lurvvvvve this drink!!


If anyone know how to fix Google on my laptop please let me know because i am dying here and ill be forever grateful and pay you back with loads of hug and kisses!! 

Bye for now 



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