Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 8 ~ Fun In The Sun!

Hey there,

I'm so sad that this challenge has come to an end! I had so much fun creating new ideas and such stuff to go along with it!

For the second day of the summer fun challenge we had to create a lovey dovey design...I kinda didn't like the design I did so since today anything goes I decided to do a heart stamp from the Cheeky nail art plates I got!

Here it is!

Ive no idea the name of the colour!!

This one is Orly ~ Emberstone!

So with my new stamping plates I decided to do my mums nails! same colour combo as mine!

This is the stamping plate I used!

Well I hope you enjoyed the designs I came up with for this challenge and thank you for all the support!!

Bye for now



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