Saturday, 18 January 2014

Models Own - Sterling Silver + Stamping!

Hey all,

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday :) I woke up pretty late and then was lazy then did my nails :P What a productive day! lol

I have a swatch of Models Own - Sterling Silver. To be honest, its nothing different than the other silver polishes I own, its shimmery and a nightmare to take off...just like all shimmery silver polishes.

I have two coats on and no topcoat :)

I decided to stamp over it with a black polish using a diamond design, pretty simple and nice over silver polish :) I also didn't clean up around my nails. A few weeks ago Nail Art Novice posted in the British Nail Bloggers Facebook page suggesting we post a messy manicure. I missed out on posting mine because I've been so busy and lazy lol :D 
I really hate cleaning up around my cuticle and nails after stamping a design, because the polish ends up soaking and adding a washed out effect under the cuticles which makes it harder to clean or when you do get it clean you get a faint colour of the polish all over you skin....NIGHTMARE!

Here it is...better late than never!

I did end up cleaning it up and here is the cleaned version :)

What do you think? Do you hate clean up and polish all over your skin? Does it drive you insane!?!?!

Thanks for reading :D 

Bye for now!



  1. This looks fab! I really need to make more effort and learn how to stamp!

    1. It's easy, would love to see you stamp! Thanks x

  2. That mani looks great! So simple but yet it looks so good! <3 love it!

  3. This design is perfect!

    Oh, I understand what you mean about cleaning up the cuticles... try to put some vaseline first and then go stamping :)

    1. Thank you <3 Thanks for the great tip!

  4. Simple but beautiful :)
    I hate clean up too, especially when you can't even really avoid it like with stamping. Konad black is a nightmare! x

    1. Thank you Char <3 Clean up is defo a nightmare lol ! xx


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