Thursday, 29 November 2012

Galaxy Nails!!


Following yesterdays post (HERE) I decided to do some galaxy nails! I've seen this around EVERYWHERE! So its time I tried it out!

The inspiration for this galaxy design is the following picture!

A month in Space: Helix Nebula - Unraveling at the Seams
The Helix nebula's dusty outer layers unravelling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out by the hot stellar core as the star dies!!!!
Really, really...REALLY love this picture!! 

Here is my attempt (I think I failed a little!)

This took so much friggin time and it didn't even come out how I wanted it! Damn you shaky hands and impatience! It was hard to get the right gradient going on, which was very frustrating!

What do you think of galaxy nails??

Bye for now!

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Swatcher ~ W7 Metallic Planets Collection!


I'm a really big astronomy fan :) and anything to do with planets! 

I bought this set about 3 months ago and never really got the chance to swatch them till recently (was ill and bored...) 

I did swatch Neptune and wrote a post about it which you can find HERE

Speaking of astronomy, here is the wall paper of my phone :) (Joe you will love this!)

A month in Space1: Poetry in Motion: Rare Polar-Ring Galaxy
It is the Ring Galaxy NGC 660! (love the names!)
And please tell me this is FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!

A month in Space: Helix Nebula - Unraveling at the Seams
The Helix nebula's dusty outer layers unravelling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out by the hot stellar core as the star dies!!!! 

 Okay enough geeking out and onto the swatches!

First up is Metallic Saturn!

OoooOOooo such a lovely colour, its an olive greeny/goldy colour!! This is two coats and it is soooo shiny!

Time for Metallic Mercury!

Metallic Mercury is dark base with gold and purple duochrome glass flecks! I love how it shines in the light and changes colour!

Next is Metallic Jupiter!

Metallic Jupiter has blue and purple duochrome glass flecks! It has the same kind finish as Metallic Mercury, but in a darker base!! I really like this colour, makes a perfect dark but classy colour!

Last but not least Metallic Venus!

Okay bad review coming up....I HATE this colour, it is the least of my favourites!! I cannot stand how it looks and it feels soooooo icky on my nails haha. Metallic Venus is a shimmer that shifts from pink/purple to blue!

Overall I like this collection! (except Metallic Venus! eugh!)

What do you think?

Bye for now!

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Checker Skittles!


Soooooooo I'm so tired...need a back massage and my elbow really hurts!

Enough moaning!

Today, I felt like painting something random on my nails and this is what I came up with...:

Its pretty plain and really simple but sooooo eye catching! I used a stamping plate to achieve the stripes and my base colour is Barry M White :) 

What do you think of this design?

Bye for now!

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Swatcher ~ Miss Sporty Metal Flip - Beetle Wings!


This is a post continuing on yesterdays post which you can find HERE!

I was on my way home today (walking BOOOO!!) and I thought to myself I should pop into Superdrug and check if they have the third of the Metal Flip collection and thankfully they did! So I grabbed it and OMG it is an amazing colour, I cant stop looking at my painted nails and flexing them in the light to see the colour change! I have officially fallen in love with duochromes!

I would have just added the swatches to the end of yesterdays post....but DAMN this colour is f**king (let me censor before my blog is blocked from other schools! haha) awesome and it deserves its own post!!

The name of this colour is 010 Beetle Wings and it is a glided green/brown combination of colour's which is totally awesome to stare at!! Has a lovely shimmer to it as well!

Here are the piccy's!!!




I don't normally have nail polish favorites since I feel like I'm betraying the other colour's! HAHA I know crazy...but if you love nail polish like I do you would understand! Saying all that.....THIS IS MY FAVORITE NAIL POLISH EVER!!! 

I can see myself wearing this a lot!

What do you think??

Bye for now!!

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Swatcher ~ Miss Sporty Metal Flip N ail Polish Duochromes!s


Am I allowed to have my own talk on my blog?? Will anyone read it and mind?? Haha I hope not since this is an outlet for my own thoughts and opinions! 
Lately I have been feeling tired and swamped with school work which I haven't been doing to the best of my abilities and I'm majorly slacking! I've finally decided to get my ass in gear and fixed up all my assignments and apologized to my teacher for having the painful task of marking shit! I really do need to stop "swearing" on my blog, when I try and open my blog at college its blocked and categorized as "profanity"!!!!! which made me laugh so friggin much!!
Great/amazing things are happening to me lately which is having a good impact on me by motivating me to blog more and work harder on my school work. I really like that this has made me change! Sometimes it takes that one special person to make you feel like you are worth something!

With all that being said, I went out today and decided to treat myself to some nail polish since I haven't bought any I like.....5 friggin months!! I was having a good look in Superdrug and I was immediately draw towards the Miss Sporty stall and I had a scan through and found some new editions! OMGMGMGMG!!! I had to get them....sadly....they only had 2 out of the 3 Duochrome nail polishes...I WILL GO BACK FOR THE THIRD ONE SINCE IT IS GREEEEEEN!! At £1.99 each and on offer for 3 for the price of two!

Image from Google!
I added rhinestones to each nail just to snazz it up a bit!

The first colour I got is 030 Aurora Borealis a turquoise/lilac combination!!

I really like this colour its a three coater and each coat dried super quick! The brush is paddle shaped so easy coverage!

The second colour is 040 Fiery Blaze it is a purple/green/brown combination!!

This is more dark and really lovely to look at when it changes colours according to lighting! This one is a two coater and just sooooooooo lovely!!

Now all I need to do is buy the third colour which is 010 Beetle Wings a gilded green/brown combination of colours!!

Also I really need to buy a better camera, I am thinking of getting an SLR camera and avoiding the iPhone pictures this space because I need cash!

What do you guys think of these duochromes by Miss Sporty??

Bye for now!


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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Elegant Flowery Manicure!

Hey there,

Lately I've been having a real burst of ideas and motivation to do manicures. Today I wanted to do something elegant and flowery, so I opened my box of treasures (rhinestones and shit! haha)

The base color I used by Essence color and go is a nice elegant glammy light nude pink! Totally suited the theme and the purple and coral pink I stamped on top fitted perfectly I think!

I of course used my Cheeky plates to stamp the lovely flowery design on!

Here are the pics!

I really like how this manicure turned out, I don't really want to wipe it off ever!!

What do you guys think?

Bye for now!

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Swatcher ~ Essence Color & Go ~ Bold Blue!


Today I have a quick swatch of a nail polish my best friend Avesta gave me! 
I never really liked blue nail polish but pfttttt this is an exception! I absolutely love this blue nail polish by Essence!

The brush I personally thought was great and I got full coverage in two thin coats!

Here are the pics!

OMG OMG OMG!!! Perfect Blue!

Of course I couldn't just leave a swatch plain so I stamped some hearts on top using Models Own Red nail polish!

One downside to the essence color & go polish was that it chips so damn quickly! I only had it on for a couple hours and I noticed it peeling and chipping!

A good point is that the polish dried so quickly is was great!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Bye for now

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Colour Changing Spotty Dotty!


Side note: I am really running low on what to call my posts!

I haven't painted my nails much lately, probably because I'm so busy with school work and lack of motivation...HOWEVER, after talking with my Mr Dork ;) I got some inspiration to do a blue manicure with dots!

It just came to me like PING!

I also decided to cut my nails back to square, really didn't like them long and curved!

Here it is!!

To be honest this has to be one of my favorite mani's I have done :D and Mr Dork is to thank! 

What do you guys think??

Bye for now!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Holographic Stripes!


Well, where have you been?? At school drowned with work :( (help me!)

Yeah yeah cut to the I've been busy and kinda having a 'nail' block hence the lack of posting!

Now here is a simple design I did using stamping plates and its so simple but great!

My hand is not dirty my friend wrote "hi" on it haha!

What do you think?? I really like how it turned out!

Bye for now!


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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Best of British Weekly Roundup 04/11/12!

British Nail Bloggers

Lyndsay has had busy week this week showing off her Halloween manicure and taking delivery of a new polish haul over at Pie's Eyes.

Ruth found some inspiration for her Halloween Special this week, with some fun nails and pumpkin carving for the day!

Wendy from Wendy's Delights has just done her first ever Half Moon Mani with added glequins!

Nada went a bit crazy and created two designs for Gruesome Halloween Check it out!

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing has cats popping up all over the place... Miaow!!

Hannah at Doodle Nails got into the Halloween spirit with a skittle mani!

This week The Teenage Shopaholic has been... getting spooooky! She created and wore her cute Halloween nail art mani to a Halloween party

Rachel from Phoenix Nails has started a new challenge The Lazy 15 and the first is a tape mani

Steph has been taking inspiration from others and recreating their mani's and celebrating 100 followers with a new competition over at Never Mind Suzi.

At Northern Nails this week , Jo has been celebrating Halloween in style check out her Halloweenie Series Posts will also be a bit thin this week as she is also recovering from a cold!

D is for Dogstooth? Or is it H, Houndstooth Enigmatic Rambles gets confused here!

Emma bares all on holiday in this naked nail post at Emma's Little Corner.

Lou is back from holiday with the new Christmas Holiday 2012 Chanel Polish Malice which is a complete stunner and has a go a finding a good dupe

Kerry at JustTalkNails shows off her first Jade Holographic spectacular.

Jazz at Glitter Infatuation has been trying out nail art for the first time!Will it be a win or a fail? Glitter is appropiate no matter what occasion

Danielle at Totally Nailed started The Lazy 15 Challenge along with a group of very talented ladies, and also managed a Halloween post too!
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Friday, 2 November 2012

Swatcher ~ KIKO Holographic Silver Nail Polish!

Hey there,

I decided to jump on the holographic nail polish craze recently and invested in some! I bought KIKO's Holo nail polish in silver!

I swatched this awesome holo polish and here is my reviewwwwwww!

I have a couple KIKO nail polishes and  they always drag on the second coat but this didn't, which is a great surprise! However there is one down dried matte!!!! and it was really hard to see the holographic effect, so I had to add some topcoat to make it shinier!

I'm still happy with the results and here are my swatch pics!

What do you think of Holographic nail polish? Would you buy it?

Bye for now!

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