Monday, 1 July 2013

Greeny Gradienty Glittery!

Hey All,

Simple nail art today, I have a gradient topped of with glitter! But not any old boring glitter :D its NYC - lights, camera, glitter!
An amazing small fine glitter with blue and pink hex glitters in it :D I've been topping this over a lot of colours as you can tell from previous posts!

As i've mentioned before, gradients are so tedious...all the clean up needed afterwards..UGH! I used tape and damn PVA glue...still didn't help with the clean up!

Anywho, still got this working :D here it is!

My nail match the sunburst granny square I'm working on :D 

What do you all thinkies?!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. Preeetty! It reminds me of my pinky greeny glittery gradient I did recently, although your choices of colour go together way better than mine did! x x

    1. Thanks! I saw your gradient i think its really good! xx

  2. Wow great job on the gradient... Looks fabulous! And I love those colours!!! And as icing on the cake, that glitter makes anything look spectacular :-D

    1. Thanks :) I totally agree, the glitter just adds that last touch :D

  3. So pretty! I can't believe I haven't got any of the gelly polishes yet!! These colours are brilliant together x

    1. you haven't?! come out from under that rock woman! x


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