Saturday, 27 July 2013

Striping Tape Gradient Manicure!

Hey ladies :D

I've been having a good few days, just crocheting and doing nails :) what more could I want?

I love checking on my favorite bloggers and their content, recently Clair (Nuthin'ButANailThing) has been doing tutorials lately and I recently followed her fishtail manicure, which was so easy to follow and I actually managed to pull off something half decent :D Find it HERE 

A couple days ago I checked her blog and saw that she had done a tutorial for Nailed It!! Magazine OMG! SOOOOO proud of her! That's like massive recognition and I was just so happy for her!

To show my appreciation I followed her tutorial and here it is :D!!!

My striping tape is utter BULLSHIT and it really pissed me off because the colour seeped through so I had to draw on the white lines myself! Although having to do that I still love how it turned out :D so thank you Claire!

What do you thinkies?!

Thanks for reading! 

Bye for now!



  1. I love the colour combination :-) I think the gradients look fabulous no matter what goes on top <3


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