Saturday, 10 August 2013

Awesome Purple Gradient +Glitter!

Hey ladieeeeees :D

I am still loving gradients and glitter and what better to combine the both eh?!

I've already done a Green, Pink and Blue gradient! It's about time I did a purple one :D!!!

For the purple gradient I used NYC - Boundless Berry and Lavender Cupcake and then I used Barry M's Foil Effect in Lilac :)

Here it is!

Such a pretty purple gradient! To make it look even more cooler I added some glitter on top! OMG it looks wonderful with glitter!! :D I used Barry M's - Pink Sapphire :)

I cannot express how much I LOVEEEEEEEE it with glitter on top! Just makes it look UH-MAZING!! :D

What do you ladies think?!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now :)



  1. The addition of glitter really completes this mani! Preeeetty! X

  2. I love it, I love gradients, but have never tried them out, might drop one in to my Sunday Experiments post, any tips?
    Also love anything dark purple x

    1. Thanks! Love them too <3 use a make up sponge and make sure you add enough polish! A white base is a must to make sure you dont add 100 layers! lol :)x

  3. Pretty purple... And the glitter looks like candy sprinkles!!! Yummy :-)

  4. Such a pretty gradient but it looks even more amazing with the glitter <3


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