Friday, 9 August 2013

Indie Look-A-Like Sandwich!?

Hey Ladies :)

So the other day I wanted to create another glitter sandwich manicure and I got out my gelly like sheer polish and a glitter and began to paint away! 

I painted on two coats of Barry M's Limited Edition polish in colour A (Swatch HERE) which is a sheer pink. Then I painted a tiny bit of Barry M's Glitter polish I recently bought called Amethyst Glitter (Swatch HERE) let that all dry fully then added two thin coats of the pink back on top.........

After a few hours I looked at my nails and was wondering to myself...OMG did I just create an Indie on my nails by doing a glitter sandwich?! Heck yes I did! The pink acted like a milky sheer base for the glitter and really made it look like I frankened the polish! The glitter was so densely packed that it felt textured and just looked amazing to my eyes!

SoooOoo there it is ladies! I kinda sorta created a indie without event thinking about it! LOL :D 

Here it is :)

OMG! So coooool :D

Seriously LOVEEEE how this turned out!

What do you guys thinkies?!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. This looks great, just like a posh expensive indie polish!

  2. Very pretty!

    And now you know it, you'll spend hours trying to create new combinations (well, if you're anything like me lol)

    1. Thank you! Seriously addictive trying new combos! I love it :D


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