Friday, 9 August 2013

Indie Look-A-Like Sandwich!?

Hey Ladies :)

So the other day I wanted to create another glitter sandwich manicure and I got out my gelly like sheer polish and a glitter and began to paint away! 

I painted on two coats of Barry M's Limited Edition polish in colour A (Swatch HERE) which is a sheer pink. Then I painted a tiny bit of Barry M's Glitter polish I recently bought called Amethyst Glitter (Swatch HERE) let that all dry fully then added two thin coats of the pink back on top.........

After a few hours I looked at my nails and was wondering to myself...OMG did I just create an Indie on my nails by doing a glitter sandwich?! Heck yes I did! The pink acted like a milky sheer base for the glitter and really made it look like I frankened the polish! The glitter was so densely packed that it felt textured and just looked amazing to my eyes!

SoooOoo there it is ladies! I kinda sorta created a indie without event thinking about it! LOL :D 

Here it is :)

OMG! So coooool :D

Seriously LOVEEEE how this turned out!

What do you guys thinkies?!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. This looks great, just like a posh expensive indie polish!

    1. I know! OMG! I love how it turned out :D

  2. Very pretty!

    And now you know it, you'll spend hours trying to create new combinations (well, if you're anything like me lol)

    1. Thank you! Seriously addictive trying new combos! I love it :D


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