Sunday, 4 August 2013

Magnetic Gradient + Then and Now!

Hey ladies :)

A whole week of gradients! I've been spoiling you all :P muahahah!

Today I have possibly one of the best gradients I've done :) Its with magnetic nail polish and looks sooooooooo cooool!!

I've done this gradient before hence the "Then and Now" in the title, but the one I did is not as nearly as great as the one I am going to show you today! My nails have grown so much since then! Check out the post HERE

To achieve the magnetic look with the gradient using magnetic polish what you have to do is, choose three of your magnetic polishes and sponge them on like a normal gradient but build it up to three or so coats. Wait for the gradient to fully dry, clean your cuticles while waiting! Then add a thick coat of topcoat and hover the magnet on top to achieve the design! It's simple really :)

Here is todays magnetic gradient!

Looks really cool :D 

What do you guys think!?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. OMG, this looks totally cool! They blend so well, and the magnetic pattern over the top helps blend them even more. Love this, it looks so unique X


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