Saturday, 30 June 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 4 ~ HOT HOT HOT!

Hey there,

For day 4 of the summer fun challenge the theme is HOT HOT HOT! so I decided to do a hot design...haha?!?!?
Im a bit late with this one as I had no idea what to do and im not even happy with the outcome of the design I did but atleast I did it and better late than never!

Here it is!

Polishes From L-R ~ Orly - Emberstone. NYC - City Blackout. Astor Fash'n studio - Yellow. NYC - Spring
I hope you like this design even though it was a bit rushed and lacked much imagination!

Dont forget to check out the design of the other lovely ladies that are participating in the challenge!



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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 3 ~ Pool Party!

Hey there,

For today's chalenge I decided to recreate flip flops as it reminded me of everyone at a pool party wearing colourful and unique flip flops to out do each other!

Yes I know im a bit late with this post but thats only because my laptop is crappy and takes forever to start and always shutsdown!

Here are the pictures of todays manicure!

I love pastel colours and always use them when I can! I created a nice outline using a thin brush and my VERY unsteady hand!
Then I mixed up all the colours to created the flip flop design!

From L-R ~ Revlon - Sunshine Sparkle. NYC - Lavender Cupcake. NYC - Mint Macaroon. Revlon - Demure.

And of course my trusty dotting tool and nail art brush!
I really like todays manicure

Make sure you all check out the other participants designs!


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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Feelin Froggy ~ Rimmel London Camouflage Swatch!

Hey there,

Today's post is just a short swatch of one of my favourite all time green polishes and that is Rimmel London's ~ Camouflage! This colour is the most prettiest green ever, its shiny with shimmer and when you add top coat it just springs to life! The coverage is amazing you would be safe with one coat but for good coverage I tried two! Its not even streaky! The brush makes the polish come on flawlessly.....100% points from me!

This post is pretty late night stuff so the picture quality is not great forgive me!

Here is a little collage:

In the top left corner I tried a bit of stamping but the plates I got a fauxnads so the quality isn't amazing, HOWEVER....I ordered a new set of plates the new Cheeky 2012 Collection and they will be arriving soon and as soon as they do I will go nuts!! I think I'll do a really great review!

Moving on here are the stuff I used!

From L-R ~ NYC Top Coat, Color Club - unknown, Rimmel London - Camouflage
I defo recommend this colour for any green lovers like me because everyone knows I LOVE the colour green to death!

Thanks for reading 



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Friday, 22 June 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 2 ~ Summer Lovin'!

Hey there,

For todays challenge we have got to show the lurveeeee! I decided to do a simple design by doing a water marble and two little hearts on my middle and ring finger!

 These are the polishes I used!

From L-R ~ Cranberry Red, Energy Source, No Name, Rock The World and Emberstone
 And I used a dotting tool and a small nail art brush!

Hope you all like today's design and dont forget to check out the design of the other participants!!

Bye for now!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer Fun Challenge ~ Day 1 ~ Grill Master!

Hey guys!

I'm back with another challenge! I have joined Lindsey in her Summer Fun Challenge!
I am so excited for this challenge!

Here are the themes for her challenge:

My design for the day 1 Grill Master is.........

The inspiration behind the idea for this manicure is Smoke, as soon as I saw the challenge said smoke I thought "Gotta try needle marbling!" and soooo I tried needle marbling! firstly I added the white and as it was wet I added two blobs one a smokey grey the other a shimmery brown to add the effect I took a small dotting tool and dragged upwards towards my cuticle!

The blue base is to  represent the bright blue sky in the summer and the smokey theme too! and of course its hot so I had to add some hotness to the manicure ;)

Being Completely honest this is the first time I have done writing freehand and I love how it came out! It has made me more confident in trying free hand nail art!

These are all the equipment used:

You can check out the rest of the participants of this challenge below, and don't forget to check out Lindsey's design!


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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chameleon Review And A Little Extra...!


About two weeks ago Barry M posted on their Facebook that they will be releasing new nail polish and it changes colour when you add topcoat!

So being me I was so excited I couldn't wait for it to be released in Superdrug! Although it was a rainy day that didn't stop me trekking out to buy this beauty. I decided to get the Blue colour which changes into a reddish-purple colour.

Right onto the review.

The colour is very opaque and this is only one coat! 
I painted my nails with this beauty last night and it dried as quick as a running llama! I was so surprised, normally Barry M polishes take forever to dry for impatient people like me! 
After painting my nails I went straight to bed and when I woke up this morning there were no sheet marks and chips on my nails which is a massive surprise! I then washed massive amounts of dishes without my gloves just to test out the wear of the polish and still no chips or peeling!! so that is a definite +1 in my books!

Here is the design I did using topcoat!

The only downside to the Chameleon polish is that you cannot add a topcoat to protect your design as the whole thing will change colour! 

Here is a little test I did!

As soon as I added topcoat the colour changed! this is a great effect if you want the colour to change however if you want to protect your design its not so good!

All in all I am more than satisfied with the purchase of this product and it will probably stay as my number 1 fav!!

Moving on to the extra part of this post:

As many of you know it was the Queens Diamond Jubilee a few days ago and I didn't do any design to celebrate it (Go check out Aroosa's design she did because I personally love it!!) so I was looking through the Metro newspaper and I saw little England flags in a row and PING! my little light bulb lit up and I instantly cut them up to transfer onto my nail using rubbing alcohol!

Here's is the design!!

I absolutely love how it came out! Its not too dark and not to light the transfer just came out perfectly! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!


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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 10 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Resurrection!

Hey there,

Today is the last day of the challenge!!!! BOOOOO *Cries* I don't want it to end! I was enjoying myself wayyyyy too much! 

For today's challenge I could do any design with black or white! I decided on doing the design I did on the first day (can be found HERE) of the challenge using my stamping plate! I did a different colour on each nail to make the black "pop" more!

But.....before I show you my design I want to share my love of bracelets! I made this beautiful bracelet and I made another using black beads and it wraps around my wrist twice! I love stacking these!

Here are a few pics of the materials I got today and the two bracelets i made!

Now onto the serious business! Here are the polishes and materials I used for today's challenge!

I still do not know the name of the color club polishes >.<

Now onto my amazing creation.....

I just love making these little collages saves so much picture space!!

Don't forget to check our Aroosa and Charlotte's design for day 10!

Day 10 - Your choice of Black & White

I hope you all enjoyed this challenge as much as I have!

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Giveaway Madness!

Hey there,

Everyone loves a great giveaway! 

I recently discovered a new blog which is make-up and nail based blog! here the link 

Betty does YouTube videos too! you can find her here

I entered her giveaway which ends in 5 days!

Go show some lurveeeeee


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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Day 9 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Musical-ness!?

Hey there,

I'm so excited! I absolutely love today's design! 

They theme for today is a white base with coloured stripes! For today's challenge I decided to whip out my Color Club neon collection and obviously my black and white nail polish! I used a thin long brush and a dotting tool to create the stripes and the dots for the musical notes!
You definitely need a steady hand for this so you can get even straight lines!

TOP TIP: While painting on your stripes place your hands on the table to avoid any shakiness from too much caffeine intake!! (*COUGH* Aroosa *COUGH*)

Right the inspiration for this design is obviously musical notes! From the stamping plates I bought online there was a small musical design that wouldn't stamp on my nails so I decided to do the design free hand and obviously add the colourful stripes!

These are the nail polishes and tools I used!

I have no idea what the names are of the Color Club polish! But NYC ~ Blackout City and  L.A Colors ~ Current
Now to a collage of today's manicure! Yes I know I went a bit picture crazy! This just shows how much I loved the design!
Thanks for reading! Dont forget to check out Aroosa and Charlotte's design for today!

Day 9 - White Base With Coloured Stripes!

Bye for now!
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 8 ~ Black & White Challenge ~ Marble Madness!

Hey there!

Today's post is a day late, because I really didn't feel like doing my nails yesterday!

So for today's challenge its suppose to be fashion inspired! I'm not really into fashion so I barely know whats in these days but ask me about nail varnish and I would not be able to shut up, because I can tell you whatever you want to know!

Here's my nail design for a dress I found online which I really really like!

I really love water marbling and its never gone wrong for me! I always get a beautiful design!

In other news I tried out newspaper nails again using the famous metro comic character Nemi. This time i tried transferring the comic onto a coloured base which is NYC-Mint Macaroon! I'm so happy with this design that I did not want to wipe it off at all! 
And don't forget to check out Aroosa and Charlotte's design for day 8!

Day 8 - Inspired By Fashion

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