Sunday, 10 June 2012

Chameleon Review And A Little Extra...!


About two weeks ago Barry M posted on their Facebook that they will be releasing new nail polish and it changes colour when you add topcoat!

So being me I was so excited I couldn't wait for it to be released in Superdrug! Although it was a rainy day that didn't stop me trekking out to buy this beauty. I decided to get the Blue colour which changes into a reddish-purple colour.

Right onto the review.

The colour is very opaque and this is only one coat! 
I painted my nails with this beauty last night and it dried as quick as a running llama! I was so surprised, normally Barry M polishes take forever to dry for impatient people like me! 
After painting my nails I went straight to bed and when I woke up this morning there were no sheet marks and chips on my nails which is a massive surprise! I then washed massive amounts of dishes without my gloves just to test out the wear of the polish and still no chips or peeling!! so that is a definite +1 in my books!

Here is the design I did using topcoat!

The only downside to the Chameleon polish is that you cannot add a topcoat to protect your design as the whole thing will change colour! 

Here is a little test I did!

As soon as I added topcoat the colour changed! this is a great effect if you want the colour to change however if you want to protect your design its not so good!

All in all I am more than satisfied with the purchase of this product and it will probably stay as my number 1 fav!!

Moving on to the extra part of this post:

As many of you know it was the Queens Diamond Jubilee a few days ago and I didn't do any design to celebrate it (Go check out Aroosa's design she did because I personally love it!!) so I was looking through the Metro newspaper and I saw little England flags in a row and PING! my little light bulb lit up and I instantly cut them up to transfer onto my nail using rubbing alcohol!

Here's is the design!!

I absolutely love how it came out! Its not too dark and not to light the transfer just came out perfectly! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!




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