Sunday, 16 June 2013

Swatcher ~ Barry M Limited Edition A (Pink)!!

Hey girls!!

It's late night for me and I should really be in bed but i'm in the mood to eat and chock everyone's blog! Oh and post :D

Tonight I have for you guys one of the Barry M Limited edition nail polishes which you can get for free if you spend over £6 which i did of course and bagged it! It's like a neon pink but not so neony...if that makes sense? lol

I have 4 coats of because my nails are so white that it takes that many coats to cover the nail line! but you know what? this damn polish dries so quickly that I could layer it so much! and it gets hard as rock when it really dries out, it didn't even chip no matter what I did with my fingers! This is kind a a first for me :D

Here are the piccy's!

It's actually one of my favorite colours ever!!! Oh and I didnt leave it plain....I did some stamping on top to match the funky lid! and of course with my recent craze I did half moon design!

Like the cute crochet hearts?! What do you think of this design!?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now :)



  1. It's a lovely shade of pink! :) I looks really nice... And who couldn't love those cute little hearts??? Lol

  2. Yay!! I need this one too!! 4 coats though? not sure I could handle that haha xx

    1. I know right, too many coats but I think its so worth it! xx


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