Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Stripey Moon!

Hey girls!

I haven't blogged in about 5 days, I've been away because I has laser eye surgery on Thursday and since then I've been "resting! my eyes! Not really resting them if i'm blogging, but I couldn't stay away! I missed painting my nails, replying to comments and checking out everyone's content!

I did something really simple on my nails since my eyes are so sore!

What better than a simple half-moon mani that I've been addicted to doing :D 

I love texture as you all know, so I really wanted to use this one by Barry M :)

Can't go wrong with wool!

And I had this Instagrammed earlier :)

What do you think!? I love how this turned out :)

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now! 



  1. Love it Nada!! ooh laser eye surgery? I hope it went well! I want my crappy eyes fixed but even at 27 they still are changing so I can't till they've stopped! I'll probs go for the implantable lenses though xx

    1. Thanks! Yes, it went well thankfully :D implants?! Didn't know that was possible! xx

  2. Oh I just love that colour!!! <3 and can't go wrong with wool... Especially blue wool lol :-D


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