Saturday, 8 June 2013

Swatcher ~ Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot - Speckled Pink‏!!

Hi Girls!

I've seen so many swatches of the new Maybelline Polka Dot polishes and thought to myself that I REALLLLLLLLLLLLY need the pink and green one!! 

Went out with my mum a few days ago and she bought em for me! Yaay!! Thanks to Mum I have the pink one - Speckled Pink as its called to show you today!

I have kinda mixed reviews on these polishes, they're amazing but the black and white bits need to be placed which is kinda frustrating...but amazingly after 2/3 coats it becomes opaque and textured! I love it!! and each coat dries quick enough to build up which I think is a major plus!!

Here are the swatches :) I have two coats on but my index could have done with another!

My mum even liked this polish and allowed me to paint on one coat for her!

But it doesn't stop there....I took this polish to college to show my tutor - Laura loved it too! So I painted it on her nails over a dark purple cherry colour :) and again happy happy ladies! 

I think its a great polish to put over other colours and I may just do that!
Definitely a best buy of the month!! Soon I'll post a swatch of the green one ;)

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. Gorgeous!! I love the look of these polishes x

    1. Pink one is great :D you would so love it! x


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