Thursday, 4 July 2013

Swatcher - SpaRitual - Optical Illusion!

Hey Girls!

Today's post is a swatch :D yaay we all love swatches!

I am swatching and reviewing SpaRitual Nail Lacquer, their nail lacquer is 5 free and don't contain harmful chemicals, as well as that they are vegan! So for anyone who is completely vegan you can use SpaRitual nail polish without worrying about animals!

I was thrilled when Rachel contacted me to review SpaRitual polishes! I love new brands and since this is my first review I couldn't wait to receive them! I was actually so impatient I kept on emailing her :P sorry!
I got sent two green shades, which as you all know by now is my favourite colour ever! :D

Left - Optical Illusion. Right - Emerald City.
I couldn't wait to put on Optical Illusion :D I love the colour loads!

The polish consistency is slightly on the watery side so it means easier application but you may have to build it up. I painted one thin coat first, which dried quite fast making it easier to layer on the second and third thick coat :)  I needed an additional coat due to my nail line being so white! You could always layer the polish over white but I preferred it without!

Beautiful shine in the sun! 

Optical Illusion is such a lovely shade of a limey dark green, it has goldy greeny flecks in it which just add to the lovely colour! I found it to transition into a blue fleck in the sun, sadly my camera couldn't catch that! :D Love that effect!
Removal was easy but the fleckly (New word!?) bits got stuck around the nail so just washed my hands to remove them :)

Next post I will show you guys Emerald City! So keep your eyes peeled! :D

SpaRitual polishes retail for £9.75 and to view more of their polishes check out their website :)

What do you think?!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now! 


*The products in this post were sent for my honest review*


  1. Gorgeous! Oh wow, I love the look of Emerald City! SWATCH NOW :D xx

    1. Haha :D Thanks! Emerald city is a real beaut! xx

  2. I agree with Char! Bring it on! I love both of the colours, they remind me of the movie, the Wizard of Oz! <3 :-)

    1. haha, soon the swatch will come (down the yellow brick road?) :P <3


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