Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Swatcher ~ Miss Sporty Metal Flip N ail Polish Duochromes!s


Am I allowed to have my own talk on my blog?? Will anyone read it and mind?? Haha I hope not since this is an outlet for my own thoughts and opinions! 
Lately I have been feeling tired and swamped with school work which I haven't been doing to the best of my abilities and I'm majorly slacking! I've finally decided to get my ass in gear and fixed up all my assignments and apologized to my teacher for having the painful task of marking shit! I really do need to stop "swearing" on my blog, when I try and open my blog at college its blocked and categorized as "profanity"!!!!! which made me laugh so friggin much!!
Great/amazing things are happening to me lately which is having a good impact on me by motivating me to blog more and work harder on my school work. I really like that this has made me change! Sometimes it takes that one special person to make you feel like you are worth something!

With all that being said, I went out today and decided to treat myself to some nail polish since I haven't bought any I like.....5 friggin months!! I was having a good look in Superdrug and I was immediately draw towards the Miss Sporty stall and I had a scan through and found some new editions! OMGMGMGMG!!! I had to get them....sadly....they only had 2 out of the 3 Duochrome nail polishes...I WILL GO BACK FOR THE THIRD ONE SINCE IT IS GREEEEEEN!! At £1.99 each and on offer for 3 for the price of two!

Image from Google!
I added rhinestones to each nail just to snazz it up a bit!

The first colour I got is 030 Aurora Borealis a turquoise/lilac combination!!

I really like this colour its a three coater and each coat dried super quick! The brush is paddle shaped so easy coverage!

The second colour is 040 Fiery Blaze it is a purple/green/brown combination!!

This is more dark and really lovely to look at when it changes colours according to lighting! This one is a two coater and just sooooooooo lovely!!

Now all I need to do is buy the third colour which is 010 Beetle Wings a gilded green/brown combination of colours!!

Also I really need to buy a better camera, I am thinking of getting an SLR camera and avoiding the iPhone pictures this space because I need cash!

What do you guys think of these duochromes by Miss Sporty??

Bye for now!



  1. I fell in love with it but I'm from Italy, no such shops here, on their site they don't sell and on ebay I can't find this colour, where can I buy it? Btw, I love your green blog, I have just found an amazing green polish, come and see it on my blog! I'm news to this and look for advices and sharing ;)

    1. Thanks! Well i bought this from my local drugstore called Superdrug...maybe you could do a trade with someone to get the set? and i do like that green colour :) Its so pretty!

  2. Frankly speaking, at first I wasn't into any duochromes but now- I'm in love with all polishes like that. I have to try out Fiery Blaze. I've read that it works for stamping. Have you checked it out?


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