Friday, 3 January 2014

Green Nude Stripes!

Hey all,

Procrastination at its best, I have an exam in four days and I'm stressing really hard but keep taking breaks to crochet, eat, text and of course paint my nails!

This morning I painted my nails with a nude polish Barry M - Caramel (my fav!) and then decided to do a stamp image over it. At first I was gonna use Barry M - Greenberry then decided to change my mind and use Watermelon instead :)

I stamped on a tiger stripe from one of the cheeky plates I own :) I added glitter to my ring finger and some silver rhinestones to the rest of my nails!

The pictures are a bit out of focus thanks to my shaky hand, hopefully I will be purchasing a new phone soon and the pictures will be amazing!

Here it is :)

It's definitely a simple manicure, but very eye catching and nice :) I do like how it turned out!

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!



  1. Very pretty mani! Can't go wrong with those tiger stripes! It looks really good :) and love the glitter too!

  2. Gorgeous Nada! The pics aren't bad at all! :) my old phone was awful with pics, just got one that can finally take clear ones (samsung galaxy s4), I'd defo recommend it!
    Good luck with the exam lovely xx

    1. Im planning on buying the S4 soon! thank you Char xx


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