Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Swatcher ~ 2true Shades 4&6

Hey there,

So yeah pretty late post but I guess I had nothing to do and decided to paint my nails, edit pictures and do this post!

I bought these two nail polishes today pretty cheap! Which is always good!

No more rambling here are the pics:

Went a bit adventurous with my watermark haha!
Shade 6 is a lovely mix between pink and orange shimmery bits! I really like it and it took 3 coats to get opaque but no worries it dried so quick I loved it!!

Shade 4 is lovely too a deep purple shimmer which also took three coats a dried quick!

One bad point...I wish the polishes from 2true had names! Like why number your polish! give it a snazzy weird name to make it more catchy!

Finally I had to stamp on it to snazz it up! 

I really like this design!

Cheeky Plate 6!
Enjoy this post!

Bye for now!



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