Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bringing Crackle Back!

Hey there,

Just a quick post to show you all a bargain buy! I went into Poundland this week and I spotted some W7 nail polish! They had loads of different crackles for sale but I only decided to buy this gold one since its such a lovely colour to layer on top of loads of bright colours and dark too!

Here's what I did with it!

The consistency is lovely and the brush is just perfect as I can cover my entire nail in two strokes without going over it!

In other news my friend Seray decided to take nail varnish to a whole new level by creating a wonderful GB Olympic inspired design on paper!

How awesome is this???

And you see those little pieces of the Union Jack scattered around? Well Seray painted Union Jacks on her nails too and when they started peeling she stuck it on the paper! How damn creative is that??? Wow! Love it!

How awesome does that look??!! I totally LOVE it!! 

This girl has some real talent you should all see her drawings and amazing artwork she does!

Bye for now



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