Friday, 10 August 2012

Green Gradient Thingy Maze Thing!


So yeah the title of this post is a bit bleh, gotta be honest I haven't been in the mood to blog for a while don't know what it is but I have soooooo many edited pictures ready to be blogged about but just cannot be actually bothered to put them up!

Today's design is random and I did it a few hours ago since I was bored! 

I've been looking at gradient manicures for a while now and I've seen many tutorials and finally decided to give it a go...since I love green I of course had to do the gradient using two different greens and then I decided to stamp on top of it to give it a little bit of dimension! I also mattified it!

here it is :)

I gotta say the most annoying thing after doing this manicure is the clean up after I had to use a brush dipped in acetone and clean up! I think I spent 30 minutes cleaning up so that my fingers don't show green and shimmery...didn't work since there is still some shimmer present!
I forgot to watermark this picture...that's how much I'm out of it!

 These are the equipment and polishes I used!

Hope you enjoyed this quick manicure!

bye for now!



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