Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Match Your Nails To Your Cocktail!

Hey all :)

Today I have a press sample* from Models Own! 

Models own teamed up with Midori, which I believe is a melon flavored liqueur (I don't drink! lol). They created three wonderful limited edition polishes :D I absolutely love them! 
The collection includes a duochrome, a sheer jelly and an amazing glitter...and you know best of all? All three are scented of melon which means I couldn't stop sniffing my nails!
To top it off, they are all green and I am obsessed with the colour green! all in all i'm a fan :D 

First up I have Golden Green - A wonderful duochrome shimmery gren, the colours shift from a deep green to a gold and I can see hints of a dark purple in there! Trust me, I was at the bus stop just watching my nail's shift from the colours. Pretty impressed! Also, the picture was taken after a day. During the day, I had washed plenty of dishes and even had a shower, as you can see I had no tip wear and the melony smell was still there! This was two easy thick coats which dried pretty fast!

Next up is My Midori - A sheer jelly almost more like a acid neon green (haha!) I gotta say this polish is pretty sheer, I have about 5 coats on and you can still see my nail line! ( :O OH MY!) but don't run away yet, there is a good side, each layer dried very quickly. You can definitely build it up safely with out worrying it'll get ruined. I applied this in the evening and woke up in the morning with no bed sheet marks on my nails...that's a win people. Can obviously be layered over white if you wish to make it "pop" with out adding tonnes of layers! 

Lastly, I have Dancing Queen - A glitter that not only smells yummy but has so many yummy glitters in it! From baby blue shards to green, blue, gold hexes which are small and big! Placement is needed with this glitter but thats just like most glitter toppers anyway. I didn't mind that about it. Although you may need a thick coat of top coat to smooth things out :) I have one coat over My Midori

All in all im pretty impressed, all three polishes smell lovely and the smell lasts longer than I had thought. The polishes dry quickly and the application is easy :)

This set is limited edition so hurry! The limited edition My Midori Models Own set will retail at £15 from www.modelsownit.com :)

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think :D 

Bye for now!


*Polishes provided for my honest opinion


  1. Pretty! I'm waiting on these in the mail - more excited to get them now :D

  2. I <3 Midori and I love Model's Own scented polishes so I can't wait to get my paws on these! I can't think of anything more amazing!

    1. They really are great :D can't wait to see your view and swatch!

  3. Gorgeous! I love golden green :) x


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