Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blue Skittle Manicure!

Hey guys!

Today marks my 100th post, I have been a bit lazy here and there and I'm pretty sure if I posted more I would've had more followers and views!! And a month from Saturday with be the one year anniversary of my blog! Yay!! Blogiversary!! 

I went out today to buy a notebook and I ended up coming home with nail polish, who would have thought that Poundland would have some Sally Hansen nail polish??? I remember buying a bunch of Revlon polishes from there then popping into Superdrug and finding the same colours on the shelf but at full price....thank the market gods for Poundland!

So having bought nail polish I had a random idea and totally went for it and created another skittle manicure but in blue of course because that's some ones special favourite colour! <3

Here are the pictures!

The leopard print is freehanded! I've yet to do a full manicure on that one so watch out!

Ignore my index finger breakage!
Yay! Penguin!

My pinky has micro beads to give the "caviar" effect and my middle finger is of course furry with the MUA fur effects (SWATCH HERE!) Used my CH2 stamping plate to stamp of the tiger stripes! I kept my thumb plain to show the lovely teal colour of the Sally Hansen polish I bought today!

What do you think??

Thanks for reading! 

Bye for now!



  1. Love it! Congrats on the 100th post, my 100th post was today too :D .

    Love the beads, what make are they?

    1. thanks! Congrats to you too :D
      ummm I got them from a pound shop actually non branded! just beads!

  2. Hey, I like blue ;-) happy 100th! <3


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