Monday, 17 September 2012

Nail Art Hits The Besties!

Hey there,

Today I got an awesome free hand manicure to show you guys...Not by me sadly, I broke a nail a couple days back and I have to work on my left hand but im left handed!! soo its bloody hard for me to achieve a thing!

Sooo...a bit about Avesta, she smells..(best insult I got here!) joke joke, I've known Avesta since year 7, and we've been in the same class since ever since! And shes my best friend EVARRR! I wish we went to the same college (probs for the best we didnt, I probably would get her too distracted!) but all in all im very grateful for having her in my life! And not a day is spent without day dreaming of her...:P 

Haha Avesta you're gonna love this post all dedicated to you!

Onto her amazing talent! (she might aswell take over!)

See how pretty?!?! Even I cant achieve that!! Seriously!! Although Avesta your photography could of been a bit better :P (don't kill me girlfriend!)

Avesta inspired me to try out a french mani myself (please dont laugh at my fails!)

Avesta got me this polish so its only fair I put it in!

Fail I know...spare me!

Hope you all enjoyed this post since its dedicated to my only Avesta in the world!!

Bye for now!



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