Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nature Boo!

Hey there,

I have no idea what to call this today's post, it seems like naming posts is becoming harder than I thought!

Okay so yesterday, me and my friend Honieh went to Colne Valley! An immensly large park with many little parks inside! 
The place was sooooooo big, we got round to two of the parks: Langley park and Black park (got lost in and walked for ages!)
I climbed a few logs and admired the lovely trees and took loads of pictures of the place! 

It then occurred to me....I got nail wraps on and I haven't even taken pictures of them, soooo I took the opportunity and mixed it up with nature (even though the nail wraps have nothing to do with nature!)

And here is a spammage of pictures!

Texture of the bark was amazing! Felt like feathers!

Love this picture!
Gotta say these nail wraps chip like a beeeeeyotch (even WITH topcoat!) Damn things soooo pretty but chip so badly! If anyone has any tips they are more than welcome!

I enjoyed this day out soooooo much thanks to Honieh! And we need to explore the rest of the parks there!

Bye for now!



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