Monday, 10 September 2012

Swatcher ~ Models Own!

Hey there,

I've heard of Models Own EVERYWHERE! From WAH nails to other nail bloggers to finally seeing them in way am I paying 5 quid for one when I could get 3 for £7.99. Yes people I got 3 Models Own nail polishes for £7.99!! BARGAINNNN..From where I hear you ask?? TK Maxx!!!!!

So here they are people!

All pictures are with flash!

Top Turquoise
This is such a lovely shade of blue, I actually cannot get over how amazing this colour actually is and its my first shade of blue (well light blue!) Easy application and full coverage in two thin coats that dried so fast even I was shocked!

 WOW!! Okay, this is such a bright red and its amazing, so damn bright! Made my eyes hurt! I have two coats on but you could defo get away with 3 even coats to get full coverage!

Purple Grey

This has got to be my favorite from the three, I love dark colours and this is such a lovely colour and I kinda see the grey in it! That doesn't sound weird does it?? I used this colour for my Birthday manicure which is totally fabulous!

Overall, I am soooooo happy with this purchase and I plan to buy way more Models Own polishes! I need them in my life! (If anyone want to send me any colours they don't want GO FOR IT!)
They dry super quick and even coats, also full coverage and total high glossy shine!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

Bye for now!



  1. TK Maxx has some brill bargains on Models Own and Nails Inc at the moment, and if no one is looking I might indulge in a little swapperoo so I get the colours I like! Shhhh you didn't hear me say that!!!!

  2. I love TK Maxx and can often be found checking the beauty selves out :D Great find by the way!

    1. I know same here! gotta control myself sometimes >.<!!!


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