Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Swatcher ~ Revlon Emerald City Matte Suede!!


As many of you know I am obsessed with the colour GREEN (and PENGUINS of course!) So I decided to do a swatch of my favorite green nail polish and that is.....*DRUM ROLL*

Revlon Emerald City Matte Suede!!

Such a beautiful matte polish and its just so damn sparkly it makes me sparkle (Lol?)

Just a little side note : My camera has finally decided to behave so i am now producing ''quality photos'' (Yayyy!)

The swatch is two thin coats and the brush allowed me to perfectly apply even coats!!

Here are a couple photos :)

OMG! So Awesome!?!?!?

Totally love looking at my nails with this colour on!

To be seriously hyper and crazy....I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS!!!! Even looking at my own pictures I am impressed at the quality!! Id have to buy a duplicate for this incase it runs out! Its already half way!

OHHHHHH! Just to let you all know I got this polish for £1 YES!!! £1 from Poundland! I was so shocked when I found it that I grabbed it (and fell to the floor making a fist of victory!) 

I decided to add an accent nail :)

Green Crazy!??!?!!
And then I decided to ruin the manicure by stamping a design on gold on top :) 

Its kinda weird lol

I didn't add a topcoat because I just love the matte effect!

All in all I would actually wear it plain since I love it how it looks....but that inner voice had me go a step further and ''spice'' it up!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Bye for now



  1. This is so gorgeouss! Very autumny!? I don't know the word! I loveeee the Orly glitter!

    Jazz x

    1. OMG! yes it does look autumny(!?!?) now you mentioned it! thank you :D xx


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